Thursday, April 30, 2009

Westcoast trip

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Rightho - We have broadband back - so I am able to upload the pictures and tell the rest of the story from our recent Westcoast reconnaissance trip. 2 leaders and myself went over to Reefton - as previously told and scouted out the lay of the land. We are so lucky. For this years annual Westcoast trip we will be able to bunk down in the local school - and they will open for us the gym - which has a shower - and the kitchen techno block - which has Ovens. We are sooooo spoilt!!! We walked fourth and back and found little gems of information. Because Sir G.H. looks so handsome - ooops I am getting carried away - no seriously we just asked the right people some questions and got some special deals - like the subsidised 4 hour trip through a real working gold mine. Way cool.
gold in railway wagon
The Locals are very friendly and have a very unique way at looking at live. The famous Westcoast hospitality is still alive. As are their indivdual expressions - see this garden decor!

Looks way to clean for coal so must represent the Gold rush.

cloudy moody westcoastI snapped this on the last morning. Fabulous mood and the colours through the trees - just gorgeous.
The cloud did lift later somewhat and revealed more colour. This picture does not do it justice!

gold leave willow trees in autumnOn the way back to Christchurch we came across some stands of Willow and Poplars - and these.
The sun was setting and just lighting up the colours. I could have stayed a bit longer but the driver was keen to get back home to hearth and heart.

Ah well next year . . . .

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