Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rain. rain and more rain

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Rain and more rain and even more rain. NZ is so handily placed for extreme weather. Yesterday we had to fly out 120 trampers from the world famous Milford sound track. They had 400ml of rain in 24 hours - and water went passed them at head high!!! No way they could make the many river crossings on the track.

Here is a poem from one of the very early west coast settlers - Anonymously penned - and a classic - as it very accurately describes our weather out west.

" Rain - It rained and rained and rained,
the average fall was well maintained
and when the tracks were simple bogs
it started raining cats and dogs,
after a drought of half an hour,
we had a most refreshing shower,
and then the most curious thing of all,
a gentle rain began to fall,
next day but one was fairly dry,
save for one deluge from the sky,
which wetted the party to the skin,
and then at last - the rain set in."

And believe me - this is a very good description of some weather patterns.

teddy bear in raincoatUsually rain is a lot of fun - and next doors kid can be seen getting ready to have some fun with his duckie and umbrella. Pity his mum didn't give him gumboots, or a boat. Still he had fun which is all that matters.

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