Sunday, April 12, 2009

Does the Easter Bunny really live????

Sunday, April 12, 2009
Easter time.
A time to reflect and urm eat. Or is it eat and then reflect -- on all the extra pounds gained from chocolate?

We bought some easter treats for our boys.
Here Mamabear can be seen pretending to be the Easter bunny and get one basket ready. We hid them in the boy's bedrooms. No sweat for the older one :)
The other one - had difficulty finding the gift. No surprise there, as his bedroom usually resembles a rubbish tip - excellent for hiding little treasures!!
Sadly the idea that cleaning up while searching for the easter goodies would be a really good idea (as it would make future searches easier) did not enter into the consciousness!! So much for the Easter Spring Clean. Next year we might add a rescue beacon into the gift baskets . . . . . .

Of course - rabbits are a bit of a plague here and annually there is the great easter bunny shoot/hunt on in our country. During some years previously, in a single night of hunting some hunters would come back with well in excess of a 1000 bunnies - which are usually skinned and made into dog tucker. Word of advice Mr Easter Bunny -- better avoid New Zealand this time of the year - there are no guarantees :)

For myself - well I was reflecting on the rich food devoured while in Europe searching for snow and Santa - and have decided a "See-food" diet is a great way to loose weight - as long as I only see healthy food. I think this would be part of the "daily eat 5" campaign.

Shhhh --- ok ok so my cousin KNOWS I also ate a Schwarzwald Kirsch Torte for dessert last night - but hey - it had cherries in it - thats'a fruit - and that's gotta be good for you - RIGHT????!!!!!!!!

Papabear - over and out

hmpf - where did I stash these yummy caramel chocolate easter eggs ---- MAMABEAR . . . . . . .

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Horse said...

The Easter bunny lives provided we haven't shot him, skinned him, gutted him and put him in the pot ...... Hang-on a minute, what was that activity we did today in Reefton? Opps!

Anonymous said...

roflol - I have a picture of the shot animal!!!
Must be a very Unusual bunny then!!!!

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