Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac day in New Zealand

Saturday, April 25, 2009
25th April is the day we remember our fallen comrades.
It is the Anzac day and all over New Zealand people attend various Anzac dawn parades - or some more leisurely services at 9 am. All our shops are closed for the morning and are only allowed to be open from 1 pm onwards. Our Group has always had links with the Papanui RSA and marched with them - usually 9 am. It is a day to remember, reflect, and celebrate. No doubt there are people in Australia and possibly the States that have parades too.
Jade - I spent a thought or two remembering you as well!!
Naturally we had our Keas and Cubs and Scouts and Venturers attending - well -some of them - and they had great fun marching along with the old soldiers. Ok ok- so the marching was more akin to a rugby scrum - but at least they came.
The history behind the Anzac's is interesting and - if you want - also depressing. After all - New Zealand, still very much a infant nation in the making, sent many a young man into both world wars - and the losses where astounding - can you imagine loosing 80 % of all your males from your village??? Something to ponder as we tuck into our free breakfast etc etc . . . .

hmmmm Mamabear has set of the smoke alarm again - looks like she is resigning from her kitchen duties. And I soooo miss broadband - 6 more days of dial up - sigh

We remember them,
Lest we forget

Go well NZ Anzac's

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Anonymous said...

this in from Jade - who could not post a comment - lovely for you to think of me!!!

"can't remember fully - part was just that i was thinking of you as well at the dawn service i was at and that it would be cool to go to an anzac day service in nz"

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