Sunday, March 8, 2009

TeddyBears Skateboard for fishtank

Sunday, March 8, 2009
I bought last year a 180 liter fishtank and after our trip to Austria and the 7 day scout camp I attended, I managed to get it filled with plants and some fish. I got some albino sucker thingies and some Gouriami as well as some Neon Tetras and a couple of sharks who will eventually grow to 15 cm!! lol Good old Jaws!!
Anyhow it being 180 Liter tank I had the massive job of how to change water. I am supposed to replace a third every two weeks. As you can imagine thats lugging a lot of weight round - eg take out 60 liters and fill up with same amount. Thats 120 kg!! The older tank had 50 liters so that was not so bad has I had a 20 liter water container. After giving it some thought I decided to make myself a skateboard for the fishtank. I went and bought some Castor rollers and cut up a board. Some 16 screws later I had a perfect movable vehicle that could shift a plastic container full with 50 liters. One large hose and funnel later (that you hang on the shower head) I had it full again with nice clean water and hey presto - :D!!! Didn't take to long to change the water after all and it was easier on my crook back!

Sad thing is - my teddybears have now commandeered the Skateboard intended for the fishtank and are cruising round in the lounge!! Teenagers!!!! Ah well as long as they don't break it!! Hehehe you can see Tommy here getting into the spirit of things and getting dressed up for the occasion!!

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