Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Torvil and Dean Bolero on - or of the ice????

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Well some of you will have noticed that Jon-e had a 21st birthday while being on camp with our sensible and very mature adult leaders (who will forever remain nameless). And certain fairie pictures spring to mind


Well anyhow - Jon-e decided to invite us to his "real" birthday party and naturally we had to demonstrate some of the urm - male techniques - *cough* of his fairie dance to all present at the party. I mean - this is what friends are for - right??!!

Of course u could also say that Mr. Schick is now forever known as Mr Schick - Valentino. His poise and grace are just devastating. His technique outstanding!! Regular Olympian in the making!! And that flashing smile - ah soooooo groovy . . . . . . . . .

Naturally I think many of the teenagers that attended his party will never ever in a million years forget the mental images burned on their young and very impressional minds! Wohaa

Just look at that lift - ahhhh Torvil and Dean watch out!!!!!!

I make that a 9.8 for technique and a perfect 10 for - urm - making a fool of ourselves!!

Feel free to give your marks via the comment section!!
The judges decision will be final - but note - we can be bribed with chocolate!!!

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Anonymous said...


ahhh good times

heheh 10/10 4 jon-e
10/10 for horse with no name

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