Thursday, December 18, 2008

The German Connection

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Wohoo - had a slightly unsettled night but still got up at 7.30 - breakfast and usual getting ready to go out - packed the car with our gear and left for Aki's place. They were lovely people who arranged for us a second breakfast - a traditional German white Bratwurst - with a bretzel and Bier for the Germans and one Kiwi had a white wine and the other Kiwi had a glass of Orange juice. Then went for a walk through the local town - were shown the local church and Scout meeting place as well as other sights. Eventually we came back to their home - and it started to snow.
Aki picked up the children and we all met for another traditional German meal - 2 different local Sausages and Sauerkraut with Senf (mustard) - with slice of bread baked by a baker who uses a wood fired oven! all tasted nice and the kids showed us some of their treasures and school / kindy work!
Sadly at 2 pm we had to say our goodbye's and drive back to Salzburg! Road was clear and not much traffic so made good time and arrived back here at 5 pm.
It should be pointed out to the regular German Scoutlink chatters that there is no photoshop involved - otherwise I would be 20 years younger looking!!!!

Anyone care to guess how many kilometers we did on our round trip??? We could give the winning guess a special Salzburger Mozart kugel. Leave your guess with a comment.
We certainly did a lot of traveling. Oddly enough I'm not sure that the on board Computer is correct, it gives strange readings. We traveled heaps on the autobahn - in fact about 90 % of our European tour was on the autobahn and we certainly did not crawl there - yet the avg speed on the car computer is still 85 km - not the true avg!

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Anonymous said...

pfft u kidding count how many km? ur talking 2 da girl that failed maths

dude 2 + 2 = 6 :P

km= lots!

(cudnt b botherd logging in)

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