Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brodies new outfit

Sunday, November 9, 2008
Brodie bear in new scout outfitWohoo
Finally gotten round to some sewing! Brodie has got his new scarf (Thanks Julie!) and I made him a bandanna! Now if I could find some more of this material I could also make some for myself! We would both look so cool at Staveley! Must remember to pack Brodie's gumboots this time - although with his track record that is almost tempting fate!! (First ever camp he went to was the Feilding Jamboree - which will be forever remembered for having had 65ml of rain. We had rain falling during 2 hours in the night, and we were waking up to the resulting flood. I should go and find our gateway pic and show you - maybe later.

wet weather scout campingFound it.
Five years on and I still find some of the mud from that jamboree on our scout gear. The Jambo was held on a Horse race track - so the rain was just refreshing the - urm - "fertilizer" and the re-generated aroma will take a while to forget! Other then that it was a fun jamboree!! Scouts wading in and out of our site!!

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