Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Luck and Mythical Chemtrails

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
oldbearnews editor

I count myself as being very lucky!

Lucky - that I found and was able to marry my Kiwi Girl!
Lucky - that I am able to travel a bit and see the rest of New Zealand!
Lucky - that my guardian angle looks after me (my brother Manfred who passed away far to soon)
Lucky - that I was able to participate in the "0800sunnytourist" NZ Government program!  (sshhhhh - it is still a secret!)

Recently we had a long weekend away in Tekapo and while the weather forecast was for mixed weather - it ended up with a clear sky and very sunny - even though I had deliberately  N O T  dialed the '0800sunnytourist' number and requested a NZ developed ANTI-cloud spraying program to be used on this day!
Result - we see Mount Cook in all its glory and as is longstanding tradition - we 'saluted' the Mountain with a glass of bubbly - for being such a good sport.

Local folks will tell you it is rather a rarity - normally it is either fully or often just the top part covered with clouds, thus you can only see the lake and perhaps the bottom part - IF at all!  So we added up the trips I have made passed here with various people at various times and got past 18 events. And every time - I have seen Mount Cook.  Not every time as glorious as this one, - once even very lucky that the thick fog lifted just at the time we were there - an hour earlier it was still a white out! Still - yet to see it shrouded.  So yeah I feel very lucky and special in that regard! Moral of the story - hmmm I should be a bus tour driver - I could make lots of $$ from happy tourists . . . . .

Have fun! bear print

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