Friday, August 17, 2018

Chemtrails not working in Raratonga

Friday, August 17, 2018
oldbearnews editor

Day 7

Usual breakfast - Mamabear catching up on news via local paper- informative especially if paying attention to the growing Chinese influence in the Pacific! Eventually back to unit for clean up etc and then took car into town for souvenir supplies - having accidentally opened one of the gifts (moisturizer) which I used on my skin!

Then leisurely  drive round the island - again - and stopped at the place where the 7 canoes set of, to sail and to find NZ! - Back home for lunch and now just leisure time - or should that be pacific island time - or early happy hour?

Rugby on overnight (1AM Cook Island time) so will get the result in the AM tomorrow!  Go the Ab's!!!!

He came - wagged his tail - and flopped - and stayed until we got up and left! Nice Doggy! 

                          Just need a glass of bubbly  - almost serene!! 

We got up to some shenanigans - well - we drunk some anyhow! naturally Mamabear had to try it - purple and all!!! 

It is meant to be a layered drink - all I remember - it was alcoholic and very nice/

Everyday we made a beach - scene arrangement - much to the amusement of the bar-staff!!  It helped the other day with some of the other guests offering us their mini-umbrellas . . . .

Last night here - sighs!!!!

Have fun! bear print

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