Thursday, August 16, 2018

Chemtrails not working in Raratonga

Thursday, August 16, 2018
oldbearnews editor

Day 6

The usual breakfast - almost. 
A new crowd arrived the previous day so it was rather full to start with.  Thus Rachael and Logan - the young couple next to us-  felt comfy enough to ask if they could share our table with us for breakfast! One certainly makes new friends when going to the Lagoon Breeze!  After that we bought more data for our internet use (just so I can find out the rugby result (NZ vs Aus) - followed by the usual getting ready for the day and then off to town for information and a hike up one of the trails / walks.
To hot and muggy and almost all tracks closed due to poor maintenance and mud! So headed home via some souvenir shops and had early-ish lunch - then grabbed the last kayak from reception and headed for the local beach where 
mamabear in a suitable oversized live jacket went for a paddle - up and down the coast and out towards the reef - seeing lots of various fish and some very blue starfish! She was very pleased with herself - having stayed in the boat and not getting an early bath!!!!  Way to go old girl!!   I had some time on the water too. 

Back to unit eventually and a cool dip in the pool and back to catch up on news and pics and rest - before heading out to the Market at Muri for dinner!  Looks like we might see some rain (again) - it has been building grey in grey all day long!
Market at Muri is similar to Chch Riccarton Market - except less or virtually no craft stalls - food stalls plenty though - had pancake with Nutella/Banana and Bailyes Cream for afters -- yumm yumm! 

Back home and turned on the overhead heli for some fresh air in our unit - and found paper-slip with thanks and email address from Rachael and Logan - nice surprise!!!  Must send them the promised pic' and perhaps the link to the blog?! 

Was woken again at 1 am with these damn roosters making some more noise!!! Yesterday night they had a Mexican wave going - the wave going past our place.  You could hear a far away rooster doing his cluck cluck and then the rest down the chain followed suit - the noise going past our place and dissapearing of to the left . . . . . .

Also had a very clucky (egg-laying?) chuck right outside our window at 5am!!  (Turns out that a local stray cat had her last chick for her breakfast - so yeah understandably the local hen was upset)   Given that they chucks run freely and are everywhere it is surprising that KFC has not come here for business!!  At least I can now fluently speak 'chicken'!  New Chuck whisperer????  Mamabear amused by my newly gained skill!!  Also are frequently reminded of the old story in our family where my brother (all of 4 or 5 years old) once said that they must be American chickens - as they keep calling " Coca-Colaaaaaaaaaaa"  -- very funny!!

 Just to prove it - Mamabear eating what is essentially a Chinese dish - fried noodles with Pork!!  Must be a day for Firsts!!!

 Not to be out-done on the Dessert front - Mama-bear ordered a rather large and rich Banana/Caramel Cheesecake!!  The bakery certainly had the longest ques!!

Found this and thought of a certain young chap who might appreciate a new toy!?!?!?!?!
 Of course mama-bear was drawn to the baker stand for dessert - apart from the sweet stuff- it was decked out in Purple - 'nugh said!

 Not much of a sunset though- so we did the salute thing and then headed back - raindrops were beginning to fall.  Again - the 0800sunnytourist thing would have been of no help at all . . . .

 The table-top in our unit - as is a lot of things there - woven from local palm-tree leaves (and it had a glass top to protect it)
Lol - it is so warm here year round,  that the shops sell their chocolate from inside fridges (to keep them from melting)   I had my supply of Bounty Bars and had those in the fridge too!! - only - once you open it - they gain condensation.
So you had a choice - wait for it to dry of - or eat quickly! :)

Night all

Have fun! bear print

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