Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Chemtrails not working in Raratonga

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Day 4

The day started with a dribble of rain - great! That kept the roosters at bay - so they crowed at 6 am instead the usual 4am!  By the time we went for breakfast it cleared however and the day promised to be - as Augie Auer used to say - a "BLUE-DOME day! 
 We had booked ourselves into the Captain Tama's Lagoon Cruise (with a glass bottom boat) and were expecting a pick up from the gate!  Looking east (post school run) and - yes it was an empty road - for once!  Must be rubbish day too!!

 Eventually got there - saw the sign post that seems to crop up everywhere.  Christchurch is xxxx km urm - wait readjusts the compass - yeah - that way!!! After a short head count that is or was so typical scouting - (you know - it starts with one and next person says two and third person says three and fourth person stuffs it up so we start again . . . ) we were on our way!!
 I can vouch for the color - it is what it is - deep rich blue and the water is so clear - you can see down to the sea floor - 2 - 3 meters!  Naturally that means you can see everything - fish included!
 There are a total of 3 boats going out every day! That's about 130 people! At $79 each - hmmmm wait - uses toes as well - urm yeah literally a boat load of Cash per day!   :)   Still - you get to cruise on the glass bottom boat to the marine reserve for some awesome snorkeling with giant clams and tropical fish in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon.  Or a perfect way to explore or view the marine life through the glass bottom of the boat without actually having to get wet! An Awesome day out with a fabulous fresh fish open fire BBQ lunch, coconut tree climbing and coconut husking show,  pareu tying demonstration and the sounds of the NSA string-band on Motu Koromiri. Ah you get the sales pitch - right?!

 The Food was tremendous! Fried Banana with sauteed onions and everyone got a fish-steak! Along with bread and 3 salads and some fresh fruit.
The Coconut husking/peeling demo was fun to watch and informative - oh and the urm pareu tying demo was kinda R18 - at times, perfectly innocent! Lots of laughter.
 On the way back they asked who is from where and eventually lastly - who has a birthday! So I made Mamabear put up her hand and she was lucky - one other person - so the whole boat sung to them "Happy Birthday" - she told me afterward it was a bit embarrassing! :P :)  Ha - little did she know what else was to come - hmm later! With regards to her Birthday - she had two wonderful days of 'birthdays' in Rarotonga! All of 46 hours!!!!!  Because it is on the other side of the international date line it was actually her birthday in NZ one day and then Rarotonga the next day!

One of the attraction for many is the snorkeling thing or should that be floating among the hungry fish?!?!?!  I flagged it, as without glasses I am half blind and with glasses my water-mask always fills up - so hmmm may have to get inventive if I want to take it up more seriously!
 Looking back to the main Island and Nuri - which seems to develop into its own little Tourist hub!
 The beach round the reef is pretty much the same - it looks sandy and in some ways it is - it is just very coarse or grainy. We did  not see many sea-shells lying around so figured it was more like smashed up parts of the old reef!!
 The only turtle we saw! We also missed the big eel - - - apparently it is  an ugly looking beast!
 Being one of her birthdays we decided to take it easy and chilled out in the sun in the late afternoon - then walked to Coco-put next door! A short stroll of no more then a few hundred meters - practically a next door section!  A good game of mini-golf was been had - we will not divulge the final score - suffice to say Mamabear lost - as expected!  Did have a few giggles though!  The meal was great and good choice and - yes - they also did Garlic bread (which I must rate and blog and so forth . . . .  .) 
Theoretically you can do the night Golf - under lights - as the place is open till late (which just means they close whenever they feel like)  and the sun does set by 6.25pm!


PS - as mentioned before - no '0800sunnytourist'  program was engaged - so this is all natural perfectly normal sun-shine! yusssss

Have fun! bear print

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