Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why Santa Claus is linked to chem-trails . . . .

Thursday, December 21, 2017
oldbearnews editorAhhhh It had to happen.  This is legendary stuff.  Most folks might have heard about Area 51 - if  not then certainly about UFO's near Roswell!!  The heavily guarded Area 51, deep in the
Nevada desert, is at the center of many alien-related conspiracy theories.
It is claimed that alien flying saucers crashed on Earth, such as the alleged 1947 Roswell incident, and that the wreckage and even corpses were taken to Area 51 for experimentation and to be analyzed away from public view.
One theory even suggests that USAF scientists have tried to emulate the alien technology to create their own top-secret spy craft capable of traveling into space at the base.  Baa-humbug!!   The US Government did not even admit the base existed until 2013, in a series of documents released as part of a Freedom of Information request, and the Base is naturally heavily protected by armed guards.
Well so far for the myths!!
It is however accepted that the USAF does secretly test new aircraft inside Area 51, with the U-2 spy plane, SR-71 Blackbird, and the F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter all developed there.
Another theory is that they have engaged in a top secret cloud-spraying program - also commonly known as Chem-trail.  As well they might have.
From an Aviation buff - building a air-base in the middle of the dessert is a loony idea.  OK the security experts have won this argument (easier to control and patrol), still it does create some problems.  For one there is the shimmering heat of the day - which again - helps with security as no one can take any clear good sharp pictures.  On the other hand - this makes for extreme lousy conditions for the pilots to take off the runway.  It is common knowledge that Air Emirates for example schedule all their flights in and out of their home base - at night!!!  For the simple reason that the desert air at night is cooler and thus denser - thus helping with the required lift and that - folks - is purely a commercial decision as you need less fuel to get airborne.  It has been known that some planes were to heavy and did not get enough "lift" during the middle of the day - when the air-density is at it's thinnest that they had to reschedule the departure till midnight!!
Again - the security experts won this argument - being that if the chem-trail program is successful then A- the spy satellites become useless and B - they can take flight during the day - thus greatly expanding the test flight range window!  So the rumors are partially true and right.

Yesterday UFO hunters Tim and Tracey Doyle have confirmed a astounding new discovery - namely that the spraying program has become so successful that they turned a blue sunny day into yes - virtual night.   This image was taken at 12 noon - and you just can see the armada of planes as tiny dots - the last amount of sunshine reflecting of their air frames.

7 Star General 'Fata 'Morgana (name changed to protect his identity) has given a press conference where he alluded to the success - and claimed that he had orders from higher up - and to reveal the real intend of this.  According to his statement released yesterday - Santa Claus had contacted him directly via a special hotline and they discussed the weight of his sleigh and the usual flight conditions in the desert.  Now it is common knowledge that Santa Claus has to carry and deliver all presents during the night and starting from New Zealand on the 24th and has to work his way eastwards - yes flying with the sun rising and crossing time zones etc.
However there are some very special individual deliveries to be made - here or there - and ONE annual delivery is taking place in the desert of Nevada - and this is most concerning to Santa - especially after his fateful crash in 1947 that took place at 12 noon - bright day-light!!! Yikes.  Even with all the security in place and the shimmering heat Santa Claus might be spotted zipping along doing his delivery (whence the rumors about UFO's - whoever has seen a flying sleigh??!! never-mind Reindeer's)

Fear not - the USAF to the rescue.  With the chem-trail program and the cloud seeding being nearly perfected this year they now have the perfect opportunity to "help" Santa.  The image proved that the USAF can turn day into night.  Of course the Christmas-grinch-cynics will claim that the sole single purpose for the airbase is to help Santa Claus  alone and is a colossal waste of US taxpayers dollars !  As always the truth is somewhere in the middle and and as usual - well - lost.

So if you see more chem-trail's in the sky - at least the USAF has perfected the art of turning day into night.  Our European cousins are still working on that part.  Here in New Zealand we have the technology of turning cloudy days into clear blue skies.  I am awaiting a phone call from all the UFO- spotters and Santa watchers to see if they can purchase a 'license' in order to do a "counter"-spray!! But as usual - Mum's the word!!!

Have fun! bear print

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