Friday, December 22, 2017

Santa Claus is cleared - Rudolph the Reindeer and his mates blamed for Chem-trails

Friday, December 22, 2017
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In breaking news!!!!!

Poor Rudolph!  The kid just can't catch a break.
First he's deemed unfit for service and then when pressed into service . . .

Alas = let's begin at the the begin.

As previously reported - ( the-really-true-story-on-how-rudolph-got-his-red-nose )

Rudolph has previously been outed as a grumpy old reindeer, sitting on a beach in the Caribbean beach (and thus getting his red sun-burnt nose)! Now he is being blamed for the chem-trails.  Poor Rudolph! I do feel sorry for him. 
There is no truth to this story - although - although . . . .

Seems to pull this sleigh of Santa's - itself a non-worthy-aircraft of sorts - across the globe you require a certain base line of speed.  It is just a matter of a little calculation of distance versus time!! The further the distance and the shorter of time available to get there - the faster you have to go to cover the distance in the required time slot! Breaking the sound barrier has been solved just after
WWII - no big news there.  Equally the speed required to leave planet earth is a mathematical known equation.  Take size and weight and work out fuel/engine needed to leave terra firma.  It's not rocket science (if you pardon the pun) !  Sleek streamlined rockets to the fore - ok except the space shuttle - well that's more like a lumbering bus . . .
anyhow - to pull Santa's sleigh across the globe (in less then 24 hours) - you do need a good speed and all the reindeer need to work on that.  Ask any athlete - you can't run fast or long if you avoid training of any sort. So training it is - year in year out.  And as any athlete will tell you (particular in the track and field department) all this training does lead to wear and tear - so often there are injuries to consider - which is why Santa Claus has more then the standard 8 reindeer in the stable. There is a
fierce daily competition going on - who can run the fastest / longest / further-est.  Elfs are tasked for record keeping - something made much easier these days with GPS units affixed to the Reindeer's.  By the time Christmas rolls round the Elfs have a good idea which reindeer will be the most fit Reindeer in the stable and will be accorded the honor of pulling Santa's sleigh (although a certain eight - namely "Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Thunder and Blitzen still have the inside running and seem to be the most fittest of them all")
All can be seen daily to exercise their legs. 
Which really is a bit of a no-no. 
After all - it won't be much of a myth if the reindeer get regularly spotted .  .

The plan was for a small group of reindeer to do the regular Europe to USA run while another group was taking the Asia to Europe track.  Yet another smaller group can occasionally be spotted going to and from Minor Asia (mostly the middle east) to the South Pacific! In the early 1950's and 60's this was not a problem as only one or two reindeer felt the need to be excising one some occasions - usually after a sumptuous Sunday meal. These days the whole heard is out there strutting their stuff - after all - you never know when you might get called into service.  Rudolph - is one of the many others and a case in point!
And in doing their daily exercises they inadvertently leave a "dust" trail behind.  Sometimes it is very faint and at other times very pronounced. 
There must however be a very very very new reindeer in the stable (tentatively named 'Aurora' - for its speed)  because when it does its training run - it does so pretty much around the world and leaves a very distinctive trail behind.  It  does so only once in a while so if you are spotting it - you would be very lucky.  Then again - it could be that Rudolph has a certain base-line speed already, that the other reindeer cannot match and so feels, that he is not only out of sink with the rest of the team, but will not get a run on Christmas eve anyhow because of his red nose - whence his partying on some unknown beaches in the Caribbean.  So when you spot this particular chem-trail pattern in the sky - it could be Rudolph dashing back  home from the beach - just to let the others know he is still around and the fastest.
Then again - seems some of the  'deers got a bit bored with the daily excessive exercise  regime and decided to have a bit of fun - and in the process almost gave the game away . . . . 

Mum's the word

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have fun! bear print

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