Monday, December 18, 2017

Chemtrails in NZ and the magic password

Monday, December 18, 2017
oldbearnews editor

Yikes - seems that the source inside our Parliament has gotten cold feet so to speak.  Still - the cat, as said before, is out of the bag.  The other 4 people involved in the Government controlled program have now been discovered.  One enterprising reporter even went to the great length of plotting holidays and weekends away from home and matching with un-usual weather events in locations where any of us 5 "Guinea-pigs" were supposedly urm - holidaying!  I think from memory (in my case at least) he had a 20% accuracy).

As previously mentioned - our system consists of ringing '0800sunnytourist' and giving and a bunch of dates and gps nr's and voila.   OK - NOT so simple.  Some folks have contacted me and complained this is not working for them.  Of course not!!! What were you thinking???
Why would you think it was THAT simple????   There would have to be a number of checks and counter-checks!! Firstly you have to ring in, in or on about 2 weeks prior to your anticipated travel - in order to give the rest of the system time to swing into action.  It is no easy task to load the planes with the relevant anti-cloud-seeding material (and keep THAT secret)!!  The exact time to ring before hand will not be divulged - except to say it has to be  minutely accurate . . .   Then as some folks have found out - a series of other questions need to be answered or given.  One of them is (of course)  a password - a long and complicated string of characters which are not related to your dogs name or granny's birthday.
There is this little gadget we had been given that dials daily into the Big Mainframe of a
Supercomputer (supposedly located someplace in Virginia USA)  and downloads a newly generated 150 string password (that still will need to be decoded (firstly) and then translated into binary code (secondly) ) and THAT will then need to be given to our program - all in aid of the fact that every Tom, Dick and Harry will want to try the System and have a cloudless day and of course we want to avoid that!! Imagine if anyone could do that - we would never ever have any cloudy days let alone rain again - ever!!! Should you make a mistake in the trans-coding and miss a single zero in the long binary code you enter - everything will fail, and failures there have been.    Remembers vividly one very wet camp . . . . . *grins*

There was one further attempt to "disguise" this a little bit further - sadly the Pilots at the time got to cute and more or less gave the game away . . . .   they certainly had some fun in the skies.  Rather then diverting the attention it did draw more to it.    Their fate remains unknown

Have fun! bear print

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