Sunday, December 10, 2017

Chemtrails in New Zealand working the "other" way

Sunday, December 10, 2017
oldbearnews editor

It had to happen – eventually! I told them so– a long time ago! Anyone thinking that they can run a “secretly sanctioned”  “un-official” “totally black” and “off the books” government program is simply delusional.  Ohhhh I sure told them, and there is no satisfaction from saying “I told you so”

Well – I guess the cat is out of the bag now.  Soon the full story will break in the news!  All hell will break loose, ok some media storm anyhow.  Once the secret, and as yet, un-named source inside the NZ Parliament will have done their final reveal.  The media are already circling, sniffing for a good story.  Might as well tell my part here, now.
The reason yours truly owns a campervan is not because we are enjoying the experience (ok, we are) however – it is part of the bigger secret.  See it goes something like this:
Many a year ago the NZ Government decided to engage in some research using Chemtrails! Shockingly! I know!! However it is not exactly what you thinking – rather then using it like our European cousins who are very busy in CLOUDING or better cloud-seeding the sky, the NZ researches were using it to CLEAR the clouds.

An example of the success can be seen here.

Still - I know – weird huh?!?!?!
 Anyhow – seems the reason they went down that particular track is that we have these (per annum) 1.6 million tourists flocking to our shores – visiting what is commonly known as “NZ – the Land of the Long White Cloud”!  Yes – long white cloud – and a long cloud it usually is. Given that we are near at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean we have more then enough of our fair share of clouds!! You can trust me on that one!  It would be much better if we had some clear skies – so that the tourists (and I guess the locals) can enjoy the gorgeous views better! Places where that would be beneficial would be for example: Lake Tekapo (with it’s famous Church) and Milford Sound, along with some places on the Westcoast and of course some places in the North Island – Taupo and Coromandel for example.  Our West coast in particular could do with a break from their long periods of rain! You have never seen rain until you visited our west Coast!!

So anyhow – the thinking went that if we could just clear the skies of clouds– just once in a while – that would benefit the locals and our tourists (better pictures – right?!)! So the NZ Government secretly invested in this new technology.  Seems they got the product right, after a bit of testing, and have now taken it one step further.  And this is where we (and seems five other couples in NZ) come into play. See - they wanted to keep this part very hush hush! They arranged a very shady deal with one of our banks to “loan” us some $$$ so that we can “pretend” to own a campervan.

I mean we are meant to be and present ourselves as just an ordinary Joe Citizen on the street while “owning” our own van.  Then once in a while we can disappear into some camping grounds.  All we have to do, is ring a secret telephone number (which can now be revealed as 0800sunnytourist) and give a date and some GPS numbers (of the camping ground we intend to visit).  The Camping ground would have to be under a (nominal) regular normal flight path. So far so good.

If you look hard enough you can just spot the regular Dunedin to Wellington flight path going from right to left - and leaving its anti-cloud spray behind.

Of course - Lake Tekapo is been flown over (near enough) with a regular Christchurch – Queenstown flight.  Kaikoura (were we currently are) is under the Dunedin and/or Christchurch to Wellington flight path.

Having started that process by ringing the 0800 number, – there would then be a special plane using that normal flight path and ‘dump’ its ‘cloud dispersing’ material into the atmosphere,  for the date as given per previous phone call – and yes yours truly is sitting in the camping ground right now, and can enjoy a clear blue sky!

You can imagine the possibilities with this system – yes?!?!?!  Imagine some tourist operators been given access to this system and time the arrival of their coaches - full of innocent tourists- say once a week at Lake Tekapo with its famous church or at Kaikoura or . . . . . !!! Or near the long suffering West-coast with its glaciers!  Indeed it has been suggested that the coasters could and most likely will make a deal with the Government and continue to have their usual rainy weekdays – but from Friday pm to Sunday afternoon enjoy a dry sunny day – courtesy of the new Government cloud dispersing program!! They do need a regular break from their daily rain! Who could and would enjoy days without end of rain, rain, and more rain????/

Anyhow - of course it does not always work – there still seem to be some glitches in the system.  Like yesterday we had success, while today – there are still white fluffy things to be seen. Something about atmospheric prevailing conditions.  Not sure – am not part of that part of the  project – everything is very compartmentalized.

All of this is meant to be very very hush hush.  Of course – like I said, it would happen eventually – the secret would be revealed to everyone! Trying to keep a secret in parliament is – well like holding back the incoming tide with your bear hands. Impossible!  So here we are – the rumors (and the planes)  are flying – the secret anonymous source is drip-feeding the news  (just wait until I get my hands on that person) and everyone will soon be in a bit of a flap.

All I can say is, that if they think we are going to hand back the Camper – they are dreaming!
Not going to happen.  So if you excuse me – I have to go and lounge round in the sun for a bit and look like a “normal” person – and best of all, all on the Government payroll too!

PS – for those who are wondering – it “might” explain why whenever we are going on holiday we have sunny days!! It could of course just be coincidental . . . . . then again – Mum’s the word!!

Have fun! bear print

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