Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Coromandel trip 2016 - or - checking out paradise to chill out in

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
oldbearnews editor

Tuesday 15 March

Usual up and clean and out! First stop the local bakery for lunch supplies, then on towards New Chums Beach – rated as one of the Top 10 Beaches in the world – so we had to check this one out!


You have to cross a stream and a 30 min hike across or rather along the rocky/boulders sea shore  at LOW tide, - then across a little hump and down the other side and hey presto – New Chums Beach.  Mamabear having fun clambering over the boulders!  Like most beaches – very remote –  and  N O  repeat no facilities there at all!  Nearest toilet is 30 min back from where you came from!  :)   Just in case you urm need to be reminded of the ethics of leave nothing behind except footprints etc . . . .

We sat in the shade under a pohutukawa tree and enjoyed the air/sea etc and as well as the flora and fauna.  Saw one yellow eyed gannet dive-bombing for his lunch!!
MB could have stayed all day and night!!  Eventually back via short stop on two more beaches and back to base – quick re-arrangement and chill out then out for Greek dinner – VERY nice!! Post dinner the usual “must walk of the extra pounds gained” on beach walk – 2 km in one direction – 2 km back – all in surf!! Water feeling warm.
Now back in our unit and planning for next day – our last day here! We  a r e  going to do the 'dip and dine' again!! (yusssss) -  something to look forward too!

Looking out from under the shade of the Pohutukawa tree!

Mamabear resting under the Pohutukawa Tree

I took my compression stockings off to urm even up the tan - and sat in the shade - mostly I thought! Even then - I ended up with some colourful red .  Sighs



 This lass - to the amusement of the half dozen people on the beach - had climbed to the top, then proceeded to take selfies - for about a good 15 minutes (various angles etc)!
Good for her - she did not fall down!! Eventually she came down to the beach had a look for less then 20 seconds and buggered of.  Me thinks she got the wrong priorities . . . . . 
 You can swim there if you know how to dodge the sea-life . . . . .
 The sparkling sea -
On the way back we came across this little poser.  Luckily for me he stood perfectly still for about 20 minutes . . . . 

We finished the day with the usual evening stroll on the beach. Hmm did we go every day?? Think so

 Have fun! bear print

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