Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sharkhunting bear takes a flight

Sunday, March 8, 2015

So eventually found an airline and this looked ok - some serious flight captain! Although not sure what the deal was with the flowers!! Anyhow -

yawn – early morning 2.45 am wake-up call – not impressive. Had breakfast and then waited for taxi – more waiting at airport – then waiting for boarding – could have slept two hours there and then.  Had Ipod with me  – so listened to music – dozed all the way to Brisbane airport – single runway.  Weather sunny and feels very hot. At the airport we had a bit of a hi-cup. I still travel on  an Austrian passport and had it new – eg never travelled on it since I got it.  They could not scan it with their fancy scanning machines -  so at immigration was asked to step sideways.  Hmmm oh dear!  Then the name on the ticket did not exactly match the passport – we Mullers have an umlaut – something the English don't use. So that created a bit  of a fuss (must tell our travel agent that) Meanwhile my passport was checked with a microscope – literally – to make sure it was not a forgery!! Imagine!! Eventually got the all clear.  Also noticed the increased notices (both visual and sound system) about  Ebola!!  Lots of notices about what to do (or not) if you have been recently to Africa etc etc. Meanwhile  it turns out it was above average temperature for the time of the year --32 degrees with a 70% humidity factor, so very hot hot hot.
Took a taxi to the van place and picked up the camper van which has been sitting in the sun for most of the morning (3 hours) so was suitably hot inside – everything - all cuboards/doors/floor - everything was warm to the touch.   Internal sensors showed 37 degres - obviously no insulation.  Air-com working only during driving – OR Mains power connection - but thank god for that!!!  We more or less drove on the blind across to the booked campsite (we had no maps) and got a nice surprise from the campsite owner – presenting us with a bottle of white for the evening (it was our 30th wedding anniversary trip) We arrived a little early and had some time to walk across to Coles and stock up on food! Settled everything in the camper-van  and then took the  bus to town  (where we met a lovely Lady  at the bus stop who was full of helpful hints).  In fact generally speaking the people here are very friendly and always willing to offer help- unasked!! Most people are thanking the bus-driver when they got of the bus! Something folks in Christchurch could learn from! 

Given the advise we had we took the Blue Cat – a local bus ferry thing and went right out to the last stop. 
Saw lots of different river side buildings / moorings etc.  some very expensive property there (and boats in the river).  Being bushed from the muggy heat and the sun and the 2.45am start.  We caught the bus back home and surprise surprise by 6 pm local time it gets dark. By 7 it was almost completely dark.  I cooked dinner and we set outside and enjoyed the meal and the wine given to us by the campground-lady-owner  and while Pam was doing the dishes later I had a quick shower just to feel some water running over the skin and then fell into bed by 7pm local time (10pm NZ)!!!!!!  The bed in the campervan is a bit short around 1.60cm so I had my  feet banging on the opposite wall or hanging out over middle The van was still very hot and very muggy inside despite the air-con. Slept fitfully till 6 am.

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