Friday, February 13, 2015

one year ago to the day in NZ - The End - or is it?

Friday, February 13, 2015
oldbearnews editor
All good things have to come to an end
I know I'm no Shakespeare nor a Bard
Writing poems is at times very hard
grateful though your ear you did me lend

I s'pose the text version collected in full
Some of you consider to have in print
these ugly words supposedly in condition mint
you are free to do and that's no bull

Save you the time to scroll and copy
see the verses below all orderly lined
go for it - I assure you I don't mind
to copy and miss one day would be sloppy

Add any pictures to the words do feel free
I printed mine into a clear-file folder
thus becoming my special memory holder
getting forgetful I need all the help, you see

To write was a pleasure truly all mine
I hope you enjoyed the short story
from last years travel in all its glory
Relax now I will with a glass of wine


Travelling across the equator they came
to find a special kiwi and his soul mate
The big bird circled and they were not late
being happy to walk on terra firma again

Meeting people and finding new places all terrific
across the earth they came in a big plane
due to lack of sleep not feeling very sane
thus dipping their toes into a not so warm pacific

To a special meal we were invited over
sitting down to eat with style and wine
chatting in Germ-inglish while we dine
Closing the meal with a traditional Pavlova

Near New Zealand in the southern hemisphere
Exists a special place so very large, white and cold
A place where penguins share stories new and old
keeping warm with 7 layers of clothing you wear

With a Rue Jolie and many a French place’
Near Christchurch is this place so very French
The Codfish and wine there is devine for any Mensch
Even Hector - a native kiwi shows his face’

Across the flat land and across two Passes
The water coming down in great big falls
we stop for a look and hears the native calls
The birds there are cheeky, and show their asses

Going over to Hokitika on our coast
tiered from the days toil the sun was dipping
into the Tasman the red disk was slipping.
We cheered with a salut and a toast

Visiting to see some pancakes on the rocks
Taking our time because we are in no rush
leisurly strolling through the native bush
and cooling of in the river without our socks

Walking amongst the very top of the trees
Seeing the ground and ferns from up high
Hearing the cameras click and many a sigh
Climbing higher to get a view as far as the eye sees

Long ago the snow transmorphed into blue ice
to Franz Jospeh and Fox it slipp' down the valley
it did'nt taste so great to Su and Sally
being just water with no sugar and spice

Back across the two passes we travelled again
lunch in a remote place with some typical NZ Kai
Golden crusted and a deliciousy tasty pie
didn't see much of our scenery  'cause we had torrential rain

At the shores of this lake is a place so amazing,
when looking out past cross, altar and the baptista
one can't help but contemplating la grande vista
and even in the night sky the stars are blazing

When visiting out tallest hill named after Mr Cook
it is customary to say salut with a glass of wine
Especially when the skye is blue and sun does shine
Your'r lucky to see his top when you come for a look

Racing past Benmore and Tarras, all is swell
finding Cromwell town build with fruit and gold
where two rivers meet and the water is so cold
though the sun is warming your soul which is just as well

From high up a bridge dangles a long rubber
Brave hero volunteers to take the jump
Falling like a brick not floating like flubber
Comes back to earth with a soft bump

Why did you jump - asks the boss
well yes I did get a voucher as a gift
and for the soul - it is such a lift
to waste that would be such a loss

Further south there is a town fit for a queen
nestled against a lake very long, deep and blue
The hills around are very remarkable with grey hue
Take my word for it or make sure you have it seen

Te Anau, Kepler, Hollyford and Milford
A place full of ancient trees and ferns
where your heart tends to ache and yearns
Made ever o' so special by our Lord

Where a Fjord is not a fjord but rather a sound
The water is so deep and long to get across
Some take a hike and see plenty of green moss
while one chap takes a bird and leaves the ground

When you get to the most southern end
and when it rains there it gets very rough
Finding nothing will you but a decent Bluff
relaxing in the evening sun and no wind is a god-send

I  hear you ask 'what is there to see/do in the Catlins?”
Petrified trees, Tui amongst flax, golden sand and waterfalls
Penguins, seals, and definitely no shopping malls
If you lucky you can even swim with some Dolphins

China and Scotland get mixed in a town called Dunedin
along with a street ever so very steep
and a place on the beach where lovers leap
and the Albatross can be seen to be breedin'

On the beach are these big round boulders
a breadbasket spilled so local Maori thought
food to eat the local God's had for nought
Blame for the spill the sea alone shoulders

Into darkness we take them to see a kiwi
otter/ducks look lively despite the rain
almost time to go home just hanging out for a plane
knowing that the journey home will be less dreamy

Sad day when you have to go and say arrividerci
The eyes mist over and become very teary
lastly raising a glass of bubbly with some berries
when we go over – we will be at their mercy

They met people and finding new places all terrific
to be home again and considering living sane
across the equator  they flew  in a big plane
hoping they will return in a future day specific

Two Austrians were flying out on the day of Waitangi
it is celebrated as our National Holiday
one we left in Dunedin for an extended stay
where black pudding and haggis not part of a Hangi

A rare day of absolutely nothing planed
basking in the sun and gazing at a moon
2 gone home already and one to go soon
and our holidays are nearly coming to an end

He came back to Christchurch to meet a special Peach
who taught him how to pick up a special berry
by all accounts everything went well and merry
across the table for a second helping he did reach

Down under he was and lustily singing in a Choir
it has been a case of long time no see
Reconnecting with folks over a cup of Tea
we sure had one Happy Mister Mayr

Of by train to the seaside town of Kaikoura
Hoping to see some Dolphins and special Whales
To rough a see it was for the skipper tough as nails
No luck they had despite all their bravoura

The last day in New Zealand was spent in a good manner
In a place where hot water comes out from the ground
And even a special super sized Frog can be found
Chilling out in  an alpine place called Hamner

After a 5 meter rock has been conquered & climbed
blissful soaking you can do in the hot pools
to unwind your spirit and soul you need no tools
it's a privilege well earned but needs to be timed

A week passed since we felt a sense of bereft
to work we had to go to earn some dough
back home to his work he also had to go
pretty soon we will have only memories left

Saying good bye is always a hard thing to do
there are the tears and  hugging and kissing
knowing we will be sad and much reminiscing
of good times past and all things we did do

The End
No more
Das Ende

La fin
La fine
El final

Have fun


bear print

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