Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wie der kranke Vogel geheilt wurde

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

oldbearnews editorHow the sick bird was healed

Stories by Karl Heinrich Waggerl

Loosely translated by Reinhold Muller

Initially, only a few people came out of the city to the stable, even some unsavoury people, how it always is when many people come together. Above all the poor and sick, the blind and the leper came. They knelt before the boy and bowed and begged fervently that he to heals them. Many were really helped, not by miraculous power, as they thought, in their simplicity, but by the power of their faith. For a long time, a little girl, along the throng of people stood at the door and could not squeeze through. The Mother Mary called her at last. "Come in!" She said. "What have you got in your apron?" The girl took the tip apart and there perched a bird in the towel, scared and dishevelled, a very small bird. "Look at him," the girl said to the Christ child, "I have taken him away from the boys and then the cat also wanted to eat the bird. Can not you make him healthy again? If I give you my doll for it? Oh, the doll! It was still a difficult situation. The Saint Joseph scratched his bald head, otherwise a prudent man, and the sick people all standing in their misery around her and stared at the half-dead bird in the apron. Does a Bird have a faithful soul? This seemed unlikely. But you know, the Christ child himself did not know as accurately back then and therefore he looked once quickly to the top where the little angel was sitting in the rafters. The little angel flew down to help the bird as they were indeed their favourite companions under heaven. Now it smoothed the sick feathers and cleaned him, it relocated one wing and carefully presented him with the tail again, because what is a bird without a tail - a miserable thing. Of all this the people heard or saw nothing of course! It looked just like the feathers of the bird gradually smoothed themselves out, and he tore open the beak and tried to chirp a little. And suddenly he lifted the wings. Blessed with a cry, he swung himself over the heads off into the blue. The Crowd was amazed and praised God for this miracle. Only the little girl stood still and held the tip of her apron open. But there was nothing in it except a golden feather. And that did not have to be a bird's feather, for it could also have been lost by one of the angels in their zeal to help the bird.

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