Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Old Bear gets to Rock and Bop with Michael Buble

Sunday, May 25, 2014
oldbearnews editor

The Boy's know!
Mamabear knows!
Even some other people I am not related to  - know!!


Yes - this old male bear is un-ashamedly a fan of Michael Buble.
I have almost all of his songs.
I like his Christmas specials on TV. Got them recorded and from time to time watch them. Yeah - nuts - right?!???   Wrong!

Anyhow - when I discovered that Michael Buble is on a World Tour I was initially swearing and spitting tacks (visualizing a very costly trip to Australia - and missing out) and then - amazingly, yes sit down folks - there were tickets for sale in Auckland for  O N E  only concert. Hold on - Auckland!! yesssss
High-fives himself

Well - I winked at mamabear and convinced her that we do need to take time out and smell the roses.  ( Actually I was on knees and begging. :)  )
So we decided - to hell with cash and lets go and enjoy ourselves.
The day the tickets came on for sale, is when we pounced - along with 8-12000 other kiwis.  wohoooooo - this was in October last year.
Then of course came airline tickets and a we are extremely grateful to Dale Peach who kept the door open for us, 'till very late to be able to bunk down for a night (or what was left of it).
We had a bit of fun getting there.  The fabled Auckland traffic did struck and we covered 20 km of roading in just over one hour, not leaving a lot of time for a evening meal before the concert. I mentioned to Mamabear that I could just about walk there quicker!
The concert was F A N T A S T I C.
He's such a Babe and a very very talented entertainer.
We sat next to a lovely young lass who almost drooled over Michael and as it turned out - she is a jazz singer in her own right in Wellington.  Not surprisingly she knew all the songs of by heart.  So seemed to be all the folks in the audience and with popular known songs - it almost turned into a karaoke session.
We just got tickets - so seat allocation - although by the time we printed them - we were given seat numbers - and they turned out to be as far away from the stage as you could possibly be - up in the rafters at the opposite end of the stage - so the Man was more like a 2cm tall figure. Thank goodness for the techno guys who projected his image on a very large screen. 
Leaving the car park building became another exercise in patience.  Seasoned Auckland-ers know that you ought to 'reverse' park into the spaces - so that you have a straight and easy way out.  While waiting for a gap to duck out and out - we got entertained by music being piped in from the Auckland Vector Arena next door - surprise surprise - Michael Buble!!

It has been 10 years since he visited last and lets hope it will be less years than that till he comes again.  Not many people know this - but NZ gave Michael Buble his first Million Sales and NR1 in the charts!! wohoooo

Thanks to Simon Schueller who snapped a lot of pictures as part of his review and should be acknowledged as owner of the images used here.  I tried to take some - but given that i was sooooo far back - there was no point.

The opening number - to give you a taste/teaser

Ah well - back to the daily grind!

Have fun

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