Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Austrian visitors learn French and go Dolphin hunting

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
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We had early breakfast and then it was time to pack stuff to go over to Akaroa and show visitors a special French place – as place that a certain meremaid liked very much (judging by the amount she lay on the beach and took photos).  Not saying it is a lay-about place - rather it is a laid back little community, typical French really.
Travel takes usually 1hr and some minutes – but we stopped at a small very cosy little village called  "Little River" and Bernhard seems to have a special like for Trains! No river in evidence - apart from the little brook or stream some 20 cm across . . .  ^^

Anyhow – quick photo-stop at the top of the hill looking down into the Harbor and area of Akaroa. Then on to the French town itself.  At this rate we will have long drives.  Wilfried just checking out that I am indeed making the correct photos - a panoramic shot and of course the visitors in their best light / pose.
Panoramic shot  -wonder how this will print and if we can print this across 1 meter by ??cm???

 It is more by bad luck then anything else that we are  using the English lingo in NZ - instead of the supposedly French lingo everyone craves.  I do like the French - it is a smooth and very sexy language, especially if accompanied by a lovely French maiden   ^.-  , but I digress. 
 The poor French sods on the peninsula thought they had it made – but missed out by a few days of sailing, and only to find a English flag fluttering in the wind on the Peninsula when they landed there.  Just as well – my French is pretty non existent – apart from “u lala” when looking at a certain female bear ^^!!
Lunch was pretty quickly eaten and we enjoyed the growing blue sky and accompanying warmth. 
Akaroa is small enough place that you can easily stroll round town in 10 minutes or so and admire the original houses and street names.  With my French still non-existent - I suggested that this "Rue Jolie" was either named after a famous actress OR was miss-spelled.  Nothing Jolly about that ^^

There is also a famous artist having been in resident in Akaroa and as a tribute to him this particular bronzed adonis is forever painting strangers.  Naturally every men / woman / child / dog and other wildlife is having their picture painted.  I had mine done several times already - and still, I cannot get him to make me look 10 years younger!!  There is a flaw in here somewhere.  Bummer.  Actually - come to think of it - there is a certain meremaid that has been memorialized.  Hmmmm must go and dig that image out later

Having booked the boat tour – we soon got on board and enjoyed a smooth sailing out to the sea and along the way saw some Hectors Dolphins and Seals and some “turns” ( well two actually because one good turn deserves another good turn) as well as several interesting land features.
A certain male Austrian (not related to the family) was advised that the Dolphins will let you take only so many pictures,  before the get camera shy. This was kind of listened  too – so some several hundred exposures later . . . . 

The aptly named Elephant Rock!!  We must have a thing going in New Zealand for Elephant's, they keep cropping up - there is a Elephant park in Bishopdale Park along with a appropriate child sized slide . . .

Further along there is a tiny we seal colony, along with a "pre-school" for juveniles, who very happily show of their whiskers.  Naturally every person on board the ship snapped several dozens or more images.  This cheeky fella was checking us out as well- so we both got a good look at each other.  I'd have to say though - I know that at least I showered this morning . . . . . . 

                           Not often seen from any point but I did like this whole in the wall.  This is however NOT THAT particular whole in the wall that lets you get unlimited amounts of cash ^^  Actually it is big enough you could almost fly a little Cessna through - if you were game enough . . . .

To soon it was time to be back on terra firma and head back to the car but not before we strolled through the "Garden of Tane"!  A collection of imported and native plants (some 300 plus) set in what should be natural environment! The walk itself is a teeny weeny bit misleading - the map we got showed just one track - but there are a number of loops and switch-backs - so it is easy to get lost.  If however you head 'up' the hill in a general direction you will eventually get to the cemeteries with it's religious divisions - and come to a playground!  Spot the children enjoying them-selfs!!   As previously posted -->  www.short-hop-to-akaroa.html  there are also some juvenile Kauri Trees in the Garden!! At 60 years old and still only 15 meters or so tall - it has a lot of growing to do.  Sadly I will not be around in 500-700 years time to see them reach their full potential!!
After this it was back home via fish and chip shop!! Tea was consumed and then the hosts retired – but not before several possible images got selected for “picture of the day”!! The Guests having almost gotten over their Jet-lag by now.  Tomorrow the major trip around the south Island starts – wooohooooo should be good fun.

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