Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Claus been spotted chilling out with a glass of bubbly

Monday, December 23, 2013
oldbearnews editor 
It gets like that every now and then.  I had planned a surprise luncheon for Mamabear with a picnic in the Rangiora public gardens.  We used to go there with the boys when they where little and meet Mamabear for lunch and afterwards she would go back to work and the kids play on the playground - then fall asleep in the car on the way home.  Anyhow when I got there and set up the picnic (or at least tried to) I kinda got a surprise as I spotted Santa on a rug with a glass of bubbly and  - sunbathing!!  Never been shy - so I sided over and had a wee chat with the bearded fella.  Poor guy - he gets a bit lonely even with the hundreds of Elves helping him.  He was glad for  short conversation real person to person like. I asked him what he was doing here and his reply was along the lines of - every Christmas he does a trial run of various chimneys.  Seems every time a new building goes up - or is renovated he needs to pre-dive the chimneys to make sure he still fits.  Something about his girth and magic powder (not to mention the sack of presents).  Turns out, it is a specific Elf's job to sprinkle that powder the previous day over the chimneys and lately this particular Elf has been getting urm older so finds it harder to get around and - well - lets leave this there!!) With  the rebuild going on in Christchurch after the earthquakes there are many new buildings . . . ^^
So 2 days before the main event Santa whizzes round the world and does the testing.  Poor Rudolph - he's doing nothing for the whole year then gets to drive the sleigh   t w i c e   inside a week.  Anyway - while the red nosed furry - and I have to say semi grumpy looking - beast was resting someplace, Santa decided to stop near the last tested chimney and enjoy a bit of R+R.
Santa assured me that all was well and all chimneys worked. He would say that - wouldn’t he???
Naturally the ensuing R+R would always be in the Southern Hemisphere or somewhere in the Pacific - we do have summer weather.  So he chilled along with a bubbly and the Strawberries and  fruit mince pie.  Imagine the surprise Mamabear got when she managed to escape the office and join me for lunch.  It is not often that you get to sit and join in a conversation with the old bearded fella!!
Kind chap that he is, he offered us a similar glass of bubbly, which we gratefully accepted.  Once we had toasted for his good health and safe journey and  safe delivery of all presents and no crash landing on icy roofs - we said good bye and left him to it.  Last we heard was a jolly laugh and a "on Rudolph - ho ho ho".

After this everything seems boringly normal.  Mamabear went back to work and I drove home and pre-packed my gear for the Jamboree.
Ah well - might spot Santa on the 25th in New Zeraland - and seeing we are on first name basis now, will offer him some refreshments before he continues on his job.
Have fun

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