Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast owner is invited to a Royal Garden party

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
oldbearnews editor
Yes yes - I know.
If one has been knighted ( Staveley News Intentse Edition 2009 if you belief the written word - check out the first printed edition) one has special duties and responsibilities.  Not that I ever brag about the knight hood.  It is not something to be broadcast and is rather embarrassing to think that some of my peers deem me worthy enough to get me kneeling in front of her majesty.  I am  however trusting enough that the sword does not take my already swollen head off but rather it just gently taps me on the shoulder instead to complete the ceremony.
So yes - I seem to have landed a title of sorts. Proper naming rights appear to come with that - not sure - cannot even remember exactly what it is!!  I have friends who call me by less flattering titles - Ladle comes to mind! :) There are other titles (beginning with Idiot and going downhill from there)! I won't mention what the newly minted Lady of this house calls me from time to time!  ^^

As said before - now that I have been urm done - so yeah - one moves in greater loftier circles and recently we have been enjoying more meals at Lizzie's place.  Ol Lizzie is great - hosting from time to time candle lit suppers while working on plans for upcoming visitors to the estate.  She is pretty much down to earth these days.  I am not ashamed to admit that we had her round our humble hovel from time to time as well.  Indeed it seems to work on a turn about structure these days.   Last time we visited though we were advised that the estate had to be let go and a suitable buyer will be awaiting the vacant property soon - so Lizzie who had been thinking about moving away from her (rented) palace anyhow has put on her skates -  and went on this very un-royal but time honoured activity - called 'shopping' for a new home.  Ha - and you were thinking about horses and conquest!!
While her agent has scoured the English - oops NZ Country side far and wide - the range of abodes was actually narrower then that, with eventually a house in Lancewood taking her fancy.  Lancewood -  a New Zealand native plant!!  Hmm wonder if there is a connection here . . .
Anywooo  - why is this news??  Well . . .
Due to the nature of contracts and lawyers and Christmas and some visitors from the outer regions arriving soon - not to mention the planets aligning and the royal corgies needing time to urm = pre-sniff every nook and cranny (and I am sure there was talk about a decor change as well ) it made the invitation to participate in a candle lit supper on the 20 January- well precarious to say the least.

BUT fear not my friends of the realm - there is always plan B or C or Z even.
We have this local estate suitable for all people from all walks of life and it contains a huge sprawling greenery with an Archery lawn / soccer-rugby-netball grounds / golf course / botanical garden / and various other green spaces.
If all else fails we will sit in this most accommodating - locally owned - free to go in and visit ANY time - Park in town and consume our evening meal there instead. 
Come to think of it - it would not be the first time indeed that someone has had a full silver service meal in Hagley park!!
I have only one question - seeing I am multitasking (driver / butler / chiefbottlewasherupper / security guard) WHAT outfit is one supposed to wear to such a function????   And will there be an expectation of participating in the royal sport of Polo???? I think I can provide the liquid refreshments from the estate cellar - a 2002 Riesling would go well with the . . . .
Hmm must ask Ol Lizzie that next time I bump into her . . . . .

Will keep you posted how the meal went - might even get a royal photograph of the event - not to mention an autographed version of the dinner menu - complete with royal crest and so forth.

have fun

bear print

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