Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast owner goes digging - for old photos

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
oldbearnews editor From our recent trip - recent being 2008 - we took home some 1000 photos or so.
It is hard to pick any of them out over others.  I shall attempt to do just some,
Here on the left - one happy and contented look.  Guess he may well have been contemplating the riches that await him in New Zealand.  Or was it the coke???  Either way - this grin will soon be replicated in new zealand!!

 Handsome / young / gorgeous / attractive - and thats just the grey hair. Some of us still have hair - others less so.  Myself - never ended up with Yul Brunner look.  There is a re- union very soon - can't wait . . . . .


Don't remember what was said - but it must have been a good story, and (just so you know it) it is the same devastating smile I fell for in the first place. 

So we have this tour-guide  and several images of this happening.  It has been suggested that we replicate this in New Zealand.  Must get an All Blacks umbrella and pretend to organize the folks.   Actually a whistle works well too.  hmmmmm
On second thoughts - a cell phone will work too -and is more discrete.  Mind you some of the places we are going too there will be like 3 people in the course of 3 hours - sooooo no need to be overly organised . . . .
:)   Who's missing??    and look at us - soooooo young!!!!
Stunning scenery up at Untersberg near Salzburg.  Now I cannot promise same look-outs - but - yes its a big butt - I can and will promise much grander bigger greener scenery to show - just not so high up.  On that note - I have already advised Wilfried to practice his snap on the shot while moving in the car technique.  Wonder how this is going????  the other thing to look forward is the night sky at Tekapo - so clear - and stunning!!  Must practice night shots to get the whole milky way in the frame along with the church . . . .

Must remember to ask Meremaid what deal we had going with Colonel Sanders - and his sandfly brigade - in order to avoid them biting the tourists.
Rrrrrrrrrright - so this is on the menu!!
However it contains eggs - so not sure how the vegans will enjoy this.  It is called a Pavlova and if memory serves correct we had to RATION a certain Austrian from getting too much at once.  It is NOT a dinner replacement . . .     even though some of us could do just that . . . . .

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