Saturday, November 16, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast owner goes back to his roots - sort of

Saturday, November 16, 2013

oldbearnews editor

I have been thinking about this for some time now.  Each summer we have a lot of salads to eat - mostly green leaved stuff along with various other culinary delights - starting with Mushrooms passing by the red peppers and finishing somewhere near apples and nuts. 
Truth be told - it's whatever is readily available in the garden and in the cub-boards!
No salad is ever the same.  We must have had by now some 20 variations of a Waldorf Salad to the point of it NOT being a Waldorf any-longer.  Anywhooo - one of the last minute things to add is always a dressing and so far a little bit of the bought stuff (usually the unhealthy flavour) is liberally drizzled over the top. 
This year - THIS year- I was determined to be different - especially now that cousin Doris and co are coming. 
Rumour has it also, a certain 3x removed once sidestepped twice something rather - long lost descendant of Austrian Habsburg fame  (and appropriately named Sissi) and (uses fingers and toes to count - urm - whats after 25?)  in line of the succession - urm - may be gracing our abode with a visit as well - incognito of course- !  Seems she does not like to dine out on her dubious claim to fame - which is actually ok with me!! Her exact background is a bit murky as the blood line kinda drifts in and out of the public domain. *grins*

I digress . . . .

So take one bottle of Virgin Olive oil - add some cloves of Garlic, various green herbs (Purple Basil / Parsley / Curry plant [which looks like lavender] /  Lemon Thyme) uhu - can't wait!  YUMMY!! if it tastes as good as it smelled we should be near in heaven!   Is nine weeks of fermentation going to be enough??  We shall see later.

Is one bottle going to be enough?? Probably not - but this is the first - so may have to taste that before I experiment more . . . . . 

Have fun

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