Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast owner goes digging

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
oldbearnews editor Hullo

I know what you are thinking - not again - but NO - this time I am not going for gold.  A certain mermaid has proven that to get rich it would be easier to marry gold then to go and dig for it yourself.
www.gold-in-arrowtown  or here

Not that there are many women out there that would qualify as being good-looking AND having a load of gold stashed away someplace . . . .  AND not that the international gold prices atm are helping.  It would be nice and well ok-ish if there was any gold to be found.  Nope - not gold this time. . .  or silver.. .. or platinum,  or any kind of metal - really!   And we are not in Australia where mining is still going strong.  Here you need a 5 year wait for a intention permit then another 5 years for court hearings to prove that yes you can  and should be doing ANY digging (along with a 3 year wait for the judge to make his/her ruling) and another 5 years for getting resource consent, then there is appeals and other hearings and then - if you are lucky you MAY get a permit to dig over some soil.  (adds 5 fingers and 5 fingers and - keeps counting toes on furry paws  - and hmmmm - I would be too old to do ANY digging let alone finding any Gold)
Instead this Old bear has been digging on the Internet - hoping to discover a firm bed at reasonable price in another location .   As for mamabear - she was urm as you can see actually turning over soil.
We are expecting visitors and while meat is a staple diet - for some - others choose to eat - urm - non-meaty stuff.
So not to be outdone - out comes the spade and the greenery that was there got - urm - well removed (unceremoniously) and then we added some blood and bone - oops fertilizer and (yes Max was helping too) and gah where was I - oh yeah -  so fertilizer and a fence went up. (NOW I am not saying the old female bear has her own private prison court yard - RATHER - the old Dog (max that is  - not me)  is been kept out - fingers crossed)
So yeah - it was this time of the year again where sweat combines with grunt and the soil got turned - smoothed out and been made ready to receive some of God's WANTED plants.  Into the soil went some Tomato plant / radishes / carrots / lettuce and hmmmm can't remember what else.  All nicely timed for the arrival of certain folks from the old country. (assuming the weather plays its part).  This should ties us over for some nice salads or sandwich bread or - whatever (and for some there is a meaty supplement option). Wait - did I also plant mushroom's??   However I digress - back to digging for bed's!!
Many a night was spent out hunting.  Fingers got tiered holding the (back) arrow on the key board.  Turns out - on the day in question - there is a major tournament in town called "Masters". (  http://www.nzmg.com/)  So this is - as best as I can describe some form of competition for the more 'mature' folks in live.  I used to know a 80 year old former Olympian Javelin thrower - who would regularly attend the master'games.  He was competing in his class alone (eventually - after the other three oldies - urm - had moved on) and so was alone digging for his gold - medal.  he still had to meat standards. Myself - I have never attended - due to a variety of reasons - least of them all - they never included Salmon fishing with bear hands in their program. Cannot understand for the life of me whyevernot!!!  If that ever became an option I would be in paws and all . . .
So these people all congregate for an other round of competition in Dunedin and - yes you guessed it - they all want their creature comforts - and so most of the hotel / motel / caravans / Bed and breakfasts in-houses and outhouses and other assorted accommodation  where starting to be booked up 3-5 months out from the event!!   Eeeeeeeek 


I got a place that can sleep 5 (although one as to be in what's called the lounge)  at what I would consider cheap rate.  Everything else was either booked or more dear then I was prepared to pay - (ridiculous to charge $300 for a night)
Phewwww sorted - now back to the garden - what else should we plant??  horse-radish?
Kumara - oh yeah  and some - oh  wait coffee - no thats further north near our future retirement place [whitianga]  :) 


Now where was that spade and lets see if I can find that 'preciouccs'  round ring that golumn lost . . . . . 

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