Saturday, October 26, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast owner goes Scouting

Saturday, October 26, 2013
oldbearnews editor Nnaha

I know what you are thinking - Scouting - yes???
For the record - yes - I am involved in the hallowed youth movement - it keeps me on the alert and trim - (and not that this is the only reason for doing the voluntary work!!!)

However this is NOT what I trying to convey - rather - see,  we had a request to attend a certain 50th Birthday party - James Bond themed!! 
So who would pass up the opportunity to see some of the famous - good looking and highly skilled + attractive even sexy Bond girls???   Not me = of course!!  Even Mamabear went along in the spirit and sort of dressed up for the event.  She eventually decided on being a Martini!!  Her logic was that being from Christchurch is - "been shaken - not stirred"!! Micky decided on being an 'boring' EXTRA.  Myself  - one of the villains!! Yet I am getting ahead of myself.  First up - most unusual - we packed AFTER my work finished and also waited for junior to finish his work and so eventually had the ox-cart packed and ready to go at 4.45pm for a decent 4-5 hour trip south to Dunedin - often also called Dunders!!
Dinner was Burger king on the run some place in Timaru!  Yummy dessert!!
Anywoo the road was busy with the holiday traffic - and it took just a tad longer then desired - but magically ( or was it the fact by now it was getting very dark at night :)  :) the road virtually emptied after Oamaru - so only had to worry about the traffic cops pulling night duty (and any speeding Austrians over)  and any stray unsuspecting future road-kill!! Hmmm junior not impressed when I offered some roadkill for dinner - in lieu of Burger-king! Can't think why - the possum or rabbit would have been already tenderized!!  ^^
Anywoo - arrived safely enough in Dunders - found motel and checked in (super small size) and crashed for the night!! 
The scouting bit will come tomorrow . . . .

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