Friday, September 27, 2013

Austrian tour-guide may have be a Kiwi after all

Friday, September 27, 2013
oldbearnews editor

Oh dear
Houston we do have a problem

See - New Zealand was gunning for winning the Americas Cup and then this (see below - or click on the above link) letter to Emirates Team NZ was read out on the radio - and I am sure some tears were shed - and I know Mamabear did so while driving to work and listening to this on the car radio.
It was red with emotion - but much much more - it reflects the beautify crafted penmanship of its Author.  The feeling of the whole country is summed up in a few short words.
If you don't understand how Kiwis tick and you still do not understand this after reading the open letter - then I guess you will never understand.
Thanks to Sandy for penning and sharing this!!

Which brings me to a teeny weeny problem
This blogger is a native born bloke from Salzburg.  I have lived in New Zealand for much longer than in Austria and I  (so am told)  am now more 'native' then most Kiwis.  Do I let things lay as they are now or do I change the important bit of paper???  What the heck do I do now??

Anyhow - this can all wait.  Meanwhile our boys over there in San Fran and are hurting and they need to come home. To echo Sandys words - We are Team New Zealand and when these boy's hurt - we hurt.   Come on home boys.  Let us support you, hug you.  We will be at the airport when you touch down. We wave the Silver Fern Flag, might even do the Haka!! Time to light a Barbie and have a few Marlborough mussels and reflect and plan forward 
Doesn't matter that the Auld Mug is gathering dust in some rich  opulent American Cupboard. Our Team NZ gave it it's best.  This team of 4 million took on one very large country with enormous resources and technology and we took it right to them - just being foiled at the last minute.
We (red) socked it to them - giving them a huge freight.  Be proud of that fact
This team can achieve anything if we want to. You just wait. We will be back - no doubt about it. We will return the Cup to its home - NZ

G’day Deano and the crew.
     This is from us back home. You’ll be having some strategy meeting. Knocking around a few ideas. Hell, you might even be asleep. Us at home? We’re doing that too. You’ll have your eye on the big picture, the San Francisco bay weather, the clouds, the rules, what the Americans (or is it Aussies?) are doing to their boat over night. Probably giving the big outboard motor a polish, if the last few days are anything to go by.
     We don’t know about any of that stuff. We know bugger all about sailing. I don’t mean that lot by the sea up North with their flash boats sitting around the yacht club yelling at the television in some nautical language we don’t speak, they know about sailing. I mean us. The rest of us out in New Zealand.
      We are getting up every morning to watch you and the boys taking on the Billionaire at a sport none of us know about. We want you to win it for us. You’ve got Team New Zealand written on the boat. That’s our boat. We are Team New Zealand.
     We should be going to work or school, some of us are and taking a radio or even a TV along. Most of us though, are at home or by a TV somewhere, anywhere, watching you and the boys racing up and down San Francisco bay after a little yachting cup with someone else’s name on it.. We don’t know what a jibe or a tack is. Well we didn’t but we do now. We don’t know what a lay line is or why some of you keep running back and forth across the boat. We have no idea how it goes so fast into the wind or why it looks like a space ship on water. How it doesn’t even seem to float in the water, but skims on those ‘foils’. We just know it has Team New Zealand written on it and that’s who we are.
     We are out there in places often nowhere near the water watching every race. We aren’t sailors, most of us have never been on a yacht. We run coffee shops in Tirau.. We drive trucks in Te Kuiti. We are sitting on a quad bike on the side of a hill near Hunterville with the commentary on an old transistor radio. We teach kids in Palmerston North, or we would if they weren’t at home watching the America’s Cup. We are talking about the days races (or not) with people we don’t know in the pub after work in Westport. We compare our new expert opinions on yacht racing with strangers on a commuter train from Tawa. Outside New Zealand we are in Edinburgh, Munich, London, LA, and Lima. Doha, Goondiwindi, Cairo and Helsinki, wherever we are, we’ve found a way of watching. We are even on the waterfront in San Francisco. We made a special trip. We are Team New Zealand and our name is on the boat.
     This is what we do you see. We get behind our people in black taking on the world. All of us. We become experts in things we knew nothing about. OK, we need the television to put graphics all over the screen so we know what’s going on. We listen to the commentators telling us things as though we were all sailors. We aren’t though so we don’t know what they are talking about. What we know now is that you have to win the start and you have to win the finish. The stuff in between? No idea mate. But we are Team New Zealand and our name is on the boat. You do the sailing, we’ll be willing you to win, that’s our job, all of us. No other country does this like we do. This is who we are. This is why we win. When you take on Team New Zealand, you take on the whole country. We’re watching Deano, all of us.
     We are Team New Zealand and our name is on the boat. Let’s write it on our cup and stick it on the mantelpiece.
Just one more to win Deano, see you soon mate. Bring the cup home.

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