Saturday, September 7, 2013

Austrian tour-guide becomes peace negotiator - maybe?

Saturday, September 7, 2013
oldbearnews editor It is spring - the time of new growth and getting your hands dirty pulling weeds out of the bedding garden.  A time to reflect and contemplate.
A time to re-connect and appreciate some of the more amazing things - such as - how things beginning from such a tiny wee seed can become such big ugly unwanted plant.  If God did want us to have a holiday - WHY did he create such weeds and bugs.
Speaking of Bugs - it came to me in the middle of the night - if I am going to be serious with this tour guide job thing - I had better get on my skates and do the necessary prep-work.  This will entail two trips west / south of good ol NZ (at least).
Relationships with Colonel Sand-ers are currently hmmm at best frosty. He feels he got the raw deal from the last time we negotiated a mutual peace treaty.    ( secret deal made with colonel Sand-ers )
 Readers will remember that in exchange for clear passage of one of my cousins, he was promised near perfect breading weather patterns in order to increase the regular urm fly supply.  Well I did hold up my end of the bargain and arranged with the man upstairs to provide just enough rain and sun to enable the local Sand-fly population to flourish.  Indeed initial assessments exceeded expectations.  A totally random and un-sientific snapshot sample of Tourists (all from England) visiting Colonel Sand-ers old stomping ground near Milford Sound, seemed to indicate a certain 30% bite-marks per person. So not sure what he is complain-ing about.  Unconfirmed rumors have it - that our good ol' Colonel may have moved Territory (one of those - is the grass really greener on the other side of the mountain moves) and so perhaps missed out on the deal that we struck last April.  Sighs -  Sometimes you just can't win . . ^^  I may have to return and offer him a special peace offering.

The other major thing to arrange, is a visit to Major Grand Fault.  He's however in a semi permanent sleeping holding position and one dares not disturb him.  Akin to a sleeping giant that is best kept sleeping - do I go and disturb him and arrange for safe passage - or do I . . . .
Hmmmm - some of his adjutants have been running round lately and, well, created havoc - (not sure if this is a case of when the cat is away the mice will play???)

 2 of his more agile lieutenants recently visited Christchurch and Seddon.  While the Seddon trip (by the sounds of it) was just plain scary and little damage was caused - the trip to Christchurch did however produce some more significant disruptions. What do I do - what do I do?????
I do not want him disturbed and waking up - but I do want him to promise to me that will be holding off tossing his entire weight around next year. He kinda gets grouchy when he wakes up and shakes everything upside down.  Maybe I just quietly lay a piece pipe on his front door????
This will require more thought.  Thankfully we do have a bit of time up our sleeve ^^

Anyhow - apart from these two above teeny weeny wee problems - everything else just pales.
Time to go back into the garden and contemplate another of Gods growth spurts!
Wonder if he minds me doing some ploughing . . . . .

Have fun

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