Friday, August 9, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast owner take time out to sniff the roses

Friday, August 9, 2013
oldbearnews editor
It was one of those moments of weakness -
 one suggestion led to another and before we knew it - we 'booked' ourselves into the local Hotel at Lake Tekapo - which surprise surprise had no kitchen - BUT did have the lowest price for a room and nights accommodation - apart from the shared YHA - which we could not use anyhow as we no longer fall into
the "youth" category. Especially with Mamabear also due to celebrate her special 50th Birthday. Soooo after work we packed everything and started driving to Lake Tekapo. I was hoping to use my new Tele-lens and Camera to snap some starry night photos.  For some of the more spectacular pictures taken there check out this site here ----->

or this

We had been up there at night previously last year and thoroughly enjoyed the night sights - even if it was a two jacket night - eg very very cold! the views are worth it.  Anyhow - I will have to confess - Epic fail - I clean forgot to pack the tripod - so no night shots !!  Major bummer  :( :(
I did try and use a rock and shoot - but still got camera shake - so after some frustrating 15 minutes - i gave up. Must buy a night sky postcard and "take picture" from there  - the stars are stunning  and the milkyway can be seen clear as with the Southern Cross and its pointers being smack bang in middle of the Milky way .  While TRY-ing to snap a pic we also saw the ISS zipping past - urm - overhead so to speak.  We went back to hotel and I re-read the de-structions on how to best do night pictures taking.  Hopped into bed - which was a mission in itself - the Bed was a Double size - so much smaller then what we were used to AND it was one of those where your bum sinks in the middle and the head and toes are higher up. Sigh - I miss my firm mattress!!

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