Thursday, May 2, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - new guest arriving soon

Thursday, May 2, 2013
oldbearnews editor
Yes well,
after running round like a headless chuck and also organizing the troops for next weekends adventure - it was time to take a bear-nap. 
Not that lasted long.  I did the decent thing and rung my mother - urm - because I will be in a bear-cave on mothersday!  She calmly informs me that she has "one or two" items to give to our next guest arriving from Austria and was there ANYTHING else I wanted that he could take with him.  Suddenly I had visions of - well - really hard to describe. . . . . .
I figured if all 30 cousins came at the same time . . . . I would need a bigger - well --  everything!!  :) :) :)
Would be fun though.
That's not counting the boxes of chocolate I am sure Mamabear would want to eat.  So - I more or less declined. You can get pretty much everything here - even if Cousin Martina had to hunt out decent coffee.

Meanwhile the poor chap is still considering packing and transportation - especially around New Zealand! We do have a good bicycle, not sure though how he likes to carry his gear.  We may have to cut back on one or two items. Still you have to give credit where credit is due, if he can pack as efficient as the previous user of our bike - he will be just fine lugging his 2 shirts and 1000 rolls of Film around.  In this current configuration you are having a roof over your head which means - it is an all-weather bike and later in the evening you can sleep under it and not get wet!! Perfect for our notorious fickle summer weather and especially on the coast. 
Speaking of the coast - I'm over there this weekend and no doubt will have some fun.  I shall look in on our Knife maker and also chat with the Green-stone  (Jade) carver.  I may take some boys there next year.  Martina - if - no no no - not if rather WHEN you come here next time - it is a definite must do thing - deal??

In the meantime - I have to go to a rope making place and secure a couple of kilometres of string . . . . .  to help tying his laces together.

Post script - I keep getting special emails from a certain airline (not mentioning any names - and the image on the left is for pure illustration).  *grins*
I am beginning to wonder if they want to enter into a special package deal arrangement - fly with us and we got your accommodation sorted. Must be - because that's the only reason I can think of, for them to keep emailing me . . .   ^^

Have fun

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mcbartl1978 said...

Ohhh.... YES when I or we will be on that wonderful south island again, we defenitely have to go to the westcoast! AND do some greenstone carving!

anticuus ursus said...

I sure hope so!! It is soooo nice over there - just cam back from a trip with the lads - great time!! and the Jade - speechless ^^ :) take care cousin!

anticuus ursus said...

So the airline wants me to go over there - cost return $411. Which is almost the same as going to Auckland.. I am sooooo tempted

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