Saturday, April 27, 2013

Martina and Ileana travel to New Zealand and find some good looking men

Saturday, April 27, 2013
oldbearnews editor
Some NZ rugged man
 They say travel broadens your horizon. It teaches you about other cultures / people and life.  Seems one little Austrian princess was rather, shall we say, smitten by these typical rugged / heroic and very cultured NZ blokes. 

Interestingly enough she went straight for the bald men (Bull Allen) which says something for the Muller 'glatze' that runs in our family.  Admittedly - bald man are sexy in their own right - and I fancy having an all bare top myself - but I think the gene pool will not let me get there -rather may end up with a Kapuziner Monk hair cut eventually. 

In any case - there was a daily engagement with these men and I am not sure how  they felt like being played with - or against each other.  There was a definite 'testing' each character against future 'playtime'.  To their credit they took it in their stride and never complained.  I can see it now - a new reality Televison show - winning a date with an ex NZ All Black rugby player.  Not sure what that says about relationships though.

I do know that the princess has now moved to Australia - so the rugby men over there better watch out.  I rest in peace knowing that most long distance relationships often do not work out and are very hard to maintain.  There is a lack of cuddle time that skype fails to make up for.  Hmmmmmm

On the other hand - if there is a cry of loneliness coming form across the Tasman we just might have to send one across.

So Princess - feel free to play the field so so speak . . . . .

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