Friday, April 26, 2013

Final farewell for our two Austrian hitch-hikers

Friday, April 26, 2013
oldbearnews editor So sad.

I dropped Martina off at the Airport and handed her a piece of Green-stone better known as NZ jade (mine) and made her make a promise which should be easy to keep.
Then it was time to say a final goodbye!!  So sad!!!
I waved as long as took for both of them to disappear behind the glass door in the international Departure lounge.

Or was it??

We live close to the airport. This has some benefits as well as some draw-backs.
I did managed to get home in time, and crack open a bottle of white and pour a glass and then wait some 5-10 minutes and saw the Big Bird (version Emirates) zip past our place riding of into the sunset so to speak, while enjoying the warmish mid-afternoon norwest weather/sunshine.

So, while the two ladies were on the fast lane to the fancy land of OZ -  and zipping past here with ever increasing speed and height - I was able to so a final salute farewell and reflect on all the good times we shared!!

AND - am not afraid to admit of shedding a tear or two!

Farewell Cousin


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