Thursday, April 25, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast - the last supper

Thursday, April 25, 2013
oldbearnews editor

 It was so sad - meant to add this in on a recent blog and never uploaded the image from the camera - so (out of sight out of mind??) it is a tad late - but when I recently  saw this - I was wondering. . .
We all had our respective bottles in a special farewell.  I got given the Chianti for Christmas as a pressy by my son with the words - "For a special occasion".  Have been saving it ever since and then when it was the last night for the mermaid to be in our house - well - it was a special occasion so we all cracked open a bottle. The princess had her milk and we had the - urm - red'er stuff - or should that be stronger??!!  In fact remember we had a schnapps as well.  Angelo (minus his head scarf) had a sipp too -but it was to strong for him - had to put him to bed early along with the princess!

Only question is --  has there been (or will there be - hmmmm she ought to be back in O'l Red-White-Red by now ) a similar experiment - oops experience for the mermaid in her own home?
As I type this - the news are coming in of snow falling in Christchurch!! So maybe it is just as well that the meremaid is now safely ensconsed in Austria - or she may have transmorphed into a snow  mouse???  :) 


Papabear from a snowing Christchurch

 bear print

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