Thursday, April 25, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - Martina and Ileana's last full day in New Zealand

Thursday, April 25, 2013
oldbearnews editor
Having done a wee tiki-tour to Kaikoura and Hanmer, the Ladies decided it would be a great idea to take things easy in the morning.  So breakfast was kinda late and then the sun came in through the window and it was warm and cosy.  What other reason can I  dream up - urm - let me think. 
We sat outside on the terrace for a bit and had fun playing with Max - and then decided  to get lunch going - which consisted of left-overs as well as bacon and egg pie.  From there it was of into the Botanical Gardens and see how many of the maple leafed trees had turned on the colors.  Talk about Trooping the colors.  Some did - some did not - so we may have to get  back there later.  Those that did have nice leaves were often in the most difficult place to be!!  Anyhow - after shooting away and getting different results - I selected this one to represent all the other Canadian leaves. 

The gardens are vast and what better way then to exercise the little legs - Ileana's included.  This idea however did not last long as soon it was more interesting to play in the gravel and that was one step to far (down) for Mamabear.
I have to say though - this image confirms it - horizontal stripes ARE slimming.  I shall get myself a one-zies with appropriate stripes and wear that.
 Occasional you get a smaller tree and it soon became a question of hmmmm how would I frame that???  Frame as in frame the image- urm - on the camera -  not as in shifting blame. I have the suspicion that this prime example is a Disney plastic look alike - just to test your skills and I shall confirm that in next spring time!!
Meanwhile Mamabear was tasked with keeping the local ducks happy and so she fed them some of our first class bread - or tried too.  These feathered birds seemed to be on a diet as well, choosing NOT to eat the supposedly healthy bread.  Ah well the fish will surely eat any left overs.

From there we went into virgin territory - we decided to visit (for the first and last time) Sumner Beach, which meant dodging potholes and driving past container walls.  The area got badly munted in the Shakes and is still in need of repairs.  Still the stroll on the beach was nice and both mamabear and the mermaid got their TOES semi wet!  This was followed by an ice cream and a discussion about nuts!  I  wisely refrained from participating! (on both counts - icecream and nuts)
Home for dinner and a ceremonial drink and then technical issues delayed Skype with Austria!!

Meanwhile the mermaid is contemplating a more permanent move to New Zealand and for that to happen there are certain requirements to be passed of - such as in-depth knowledge of Rugby rules / can distinguish with eyes closed the difference between Marmite and Veggiemite / negotiating skills with a certain Colonel Sand-fly (rumored  last seen near a KFC store in Kaikoura) and finally - weekly a bottle of medicinal drink to be shared with any of mermaid's relative living here  -- ^^   oh hey - wait - THATS me!! Ah well - all good things come here eventually . . . . . . .

It has been a pleasure and hopefully we left my one and only visiting cousin (so far) with good impressions of New Zealand.  Last job will be to hand out a questionnaire/paper/form/survey/thing for her to complete, in order to get feedback and we can improve on our service provided.

:)   take care Martina - and remember - there are snakes / spiders / crocs / extra large sand fly's / and half a dozen other pleasurable friendly Aussies living in Australia - which - I have to admit is OUR beloved WESTERN Island after all!!

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SuMacann said...

Hmm... Papabear in a striped one-zie... Maybe moving to Australia is a good plan ;)

anticuus ursus said...

:) One way to increase the population over there :)

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