Saturday, April 6, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - Martina and Ileana

Saturday, April 6, 2013
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We had planned a visit in the gardens along with meeting my honorary Daughter and Noah - alas the weather  (which up to this point had been glorious for the last 5 weeks) decided to be a spoils sport and give us the first real taste of Autumn (or even winter). So we arranged to meet Raukura at her place - which meant that we could have  a nice leisurely morning. Before we headed of I made Ambrosia for tonights dessert - yummy. Gave Ileana the spoon to lick - not sure if she enjoyed the flavor!
Anyhow - soon thereafter it was time to head and of and find our way across town. Met Raukura and enjoyed each other company.  Both young ladies had much in common - a earlier then anticipated birth among them. Good to catch up and swap notes. I think the kids enjoyed each others company as well.

 From there we headed of to the Local wildlife reserve - Willowbank. Interesting place this - lots of wildlife and all can be hand-fed - including the Eels.  While going round we caught up with a guided tour, and heard parts of the commentary.  It got very funny when they stopped at the enclosure with the Keas.  These cheeky sods know they get fed if they shriek loud enough - just to shut them up. Anyhow - saw lots of interesting farming and exotic wildlife that included some Lemurs and some greedy sheep as well as 4 Kiwis.  At Willowbank you have a night time enclosure where they control the lighting - so that visitors can see the nocturnal bird during "daylight" hours!
Well worth a visit.  Back home for some warmth and a cooked meal - expertly cooked by Mamabear - Siebenburgen Kraut (check out this ------> siebenburgen-kraut-and-pavlova )and the aforementioned Ambrosia. After the little sprog got settled into bed we had a really good chinwag and in the process disposed of a bottle red.  Good stuff.

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