Monday, April 29, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - new guest arriving

Monday, April 29, 2013
oldbearnews editorHouston - urm - a progress report . . .
We had greatly enjoyed the stay of my cousin Martina and her princess daughter Ileana.  Sadly they had to move on and explore other hmm more 'exciting'  places,  places that have things like snakes and crocs.  Actually come to think of it - is there such a thing as MORE exciting place then staying in NZ????  Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Storms / Twisters / Flashfloods / Draught / Heatwaves / wild untamed bush for 100's of kilometers / Towering Fjords / Glaciers / Beaches 50-100km long with 5 people on it walking ----   and Bungy Jumping) all happen in a small space and that's not to mention the local wildlife (politicians) you may come face to face!!!   There is a reason why NZ is called God'z-own!!

Anyhow - back to the routine. The host made up for the drinks consumed and peddaled for 2 hours on the bike (re-aquaint myself for the daily punishing routines) oh and mamabear was just posing for the picture - she's tasked with earning serious money and - so the story goes - is excercise enough; then it was time to re-configure the bedrooms.  Linen needed to be washed and hung dry, towles to be ironed and fluffed up and one boy shifted from the garage and re-claimed his bedroom.  Glad to say - he left some things out in the garage - so it still looks like a bedroom - not a general dump.

JUST when you thought you can catch a breather - we have an email confirming another arrival. This one gives us a tad of time - not due in to Christchurch until January 2014.
Right - so we need that duvet again, a fluffy towel (with teddybear motive) and urm - from memory LOTS and LOTS of chocolate. Also seeing we have been joining the modern technology century - we no longer need to buy 1000's of rolls of films.  Hmmm I did see a cheap 62gb Pendrive - that may just cover his data usage on pictures.  Seem to recall a stop here and here and here and here and oh yeah here - no wait there . . . . . .  or was that over there? ? ?   :D
One bedroom 5 star luxory outdoor crib
We just love to host you Wilfried and hopefully can provide you with the mindblowing experience you have come to expect.  In fact - we have a spare room in some excotic place that is totally clean and warm and as close to nature as you can get and yet only a few minutes walk away from our place !! :)    Martina liked it - and so yeah - if you game - we can host you!!  :)  You may have the local wild life keep you company, even feed you - no wait - was that you s'posed to feed the wildlife? hmmm - I think - .. . . . . . .         (hang a sec - I am conferring with the previous guest and let you know . . .  :)  ) 

I have to warn you though - some of your haunts   Old-haunts-in-kiwiland.html
may NOT be left to see.  Fairhaven is due for demolition and re-developing and Wesley in town - drove past there the other day and noticed parts had gone - must go back and take a good look and see if they are knocking down for good or just "fixing" things.  Please be prepared for some intresting discoveries!!

Papabear - over and out

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