Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - Martina and Ileana visit New Zealand and go on a Tikitour during our Autumn time

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
oldbearnews editorSo - I am going out with three woman - every man's dream - right???
Better be careful what you wish for - sometimes  it does not turn out so great after all.
We (wife/cousin and cousins daughter) stomped around Akaroa.  Already have been mistaken as the husband once and congratulated on MY beautiful daughter.  The Local shop assistant tried very hard to convince me that I should PAY for the GIFT for my "Wife".  Yeah right!!
The two ladies then had a Ice cream each- and the little princess had her own cone - and the conversation soon went on shaky ground - or should that be thin ICE.
These two were discussing who had the bigger balls (ice) on their cone's to munch on.  Needless to say once it dawned on them where this was headed there were a few red faced laughs.

Meanwhile THIS bloke could just wonder what he let himself in for. Hang a sec - - -

Meanwhile the evening concludes with a glass of medicinal drink and take out pizza.  "Wife nr 2" is convinced that we need some healthy whateveringredientmeantobehealthyisinsidetheredwine is good right now!!  PROST

The next day - after the medicinal drink did its stuff - just editing

Here the mermaid wanted a picture of herself  'touched up' and seeing that photoshop was not working as well as we wanted it to  --  we had to resort to a manual job.  The request was for a face-lift and a 10 year younger look - on the coffee!!!!  I think the local art guru in residence achieved that - mind you - he is a SLOW worker.  Guess it took time to get the color choices just right
Looking down from the Hill-top to the harbor in Akaroa and AMAZINGLY a very calm day- soon to be changed by the intrepid travelers arriving.  On the bottom towards the left is a cheese factory  where you can get wines / spreads and the odd cheese story being told.  The shop assistant mistook me for the grand pa - i so must go and re-colour my hair.  hmmmm maybe even ADD some
The sheds on the pier in Akaroa - staging post for the Canterbury Cat - and swim with the Dolphins.  I could not convince Martina to dive in and chase the mammals.  However they also had a pearl shop on the pier and surprise surprise a lot of time was spent in there.
We eventually had to 'rescue' her before she spent any more of urm - well 'my' money (according tot he shop assistant)
The other pier - often used for swimming - or other nocturnal activities.

The Original Light house - out on the harbor head - being replaced with a fully computer controlled automated one.  It was saved - taken apart and shipped to its new location and - attracts lots of amateur camera sleuths. 
Mamabears - show rack??? Could be - but no - while she has about the same amount of footwear - this belongs to the dolphins - kinda.  After the swim they need drying out - ready for the next willing paying customer.  Hmmm wonder if I should copy the design and add to our wardrobe???
While the Austrian girl was captured by a VERY willing sales person we watched the locals being hand-fed.  The acrobatics involved were good to watch and hard to capture on camera.  In the end the sports mode came in handy. No - the guy still got all of his 10 digits intact!
Looking back from the light house to wards - yes the blue shacks.  Loved the contrast of blue sky / sea and buildings AND the yellow flowers.
The last remnants of the rata flower - in flower. A close cousin of the Pohutukawa tree, and very photogenic
You know how it goes - after a swim the MOTHERS of this world INSIST that you dry of, so this fella had no hope in the world.  I just wished we would have gotten a full frontal - no wait that did not sound right - urm - well - you know what I mean
A very common sight in our shores - but apparently not so in Europe - so guess who had to patiently wait for the mermaid (who was spotted lounging on the floor)
and tried various angles for the same picture of the same shell.  I may go back there and scoop some up and snail mail - no wait dolphin-mail it to her - as soon as I can extract the residential address from the mermaid . . .   ^^ 

This is what we call as - 'Lying on the job'  :D  I think that the pink adds color to the beach - don't you???

After the earthquakes a lot of cones appeared all over town controlling traffic - some even made it to some really weird places and often you end up wondering HOW they got there.  This one is easy - others appears on tree tops (some 30 meters up) or spires of churches . . . . . .
After a exhausting days work we had to work on the fluid intake. I had the healthy stuff!!  The Princess joined in the fun to before we all crashed out

Have fun

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