Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - Martina and Ileana visit New Zealand and go on a Tikitour during our Autumn

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
oldbearnews editor
I have the privilege and honor (I suppose) to belong to a group of madcap adults who understand that life should be full of fun.
This group naturally is top secret, has its own code and surprise surprise no shortage on willing victims - oops volunteers wanting to join in (on the fun side at least). This of course has NOTHING at all to do with any previous Scouting life or . . . . .   shhhhhh - I can't tell you more.  Memorable occasions of investing new-comers and teaching them the inner workings of the secret code involved many a nights of methodical planning  (not to mention the odd glass of medicinal drink for fortitude).  These new recruits will in due course be put to the TEST -  with a laugh-o-meter being one challenge they have to meet.

Anyhow - the list of suitable applicants was getting short and I had decided it was time to possibly recruit a new victim - oops member!! (Note to myself - must keep calling them MEMBER)

I can be seen here teaching the little princess the secret handshake or was that a Salute??  In any case - it looks sloppy so will need to work on the style and delivery!  The ONLY hick-up I can see is that the little princess will skip the country in a few days - so we would need to work fast on that one.  Then again I am told that there MIGHT be an outside chance of coming back  (Lotto was mentioned) - so there is hope.

Anyhow - Ileana - you will fit in well

Post script.  
As is with all people, there are times when we are reflecting on our actions and so was this recruit.  It comes under the category of
"Oh my God - what have I let myself in for????"

Trust us - you are in good company

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mcbartl1978 said...

I'm sure she knows, that she's in good company ;) and her mum promises to keep practising the secret salute, so she'll fit right on return to NZ - we just keep hoping for that lotto-win to happen soon, so .... ahem ... I suppose, I should buy some lotto-tix :-)

SuMacann said...

Ah! When she comes back, we can re-MEMBER her!

anticuus ursus said...

Indeed. I just hope I still be able to do the salute with my geriatric hand by then!!

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