Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - Martina and Ileana visit New Zealand and go on a Tikitour

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
oldbearnews editorI had to laugh!! I am sorry Martina - but that was really funny! I recommended to our guest, that if she had any chance at all, she should try and get to Arrowtown while based in Queenstown.  The town itself is only a hop skit and a jump across - some 15 min drive across the teeny wee hill and oh so different from the commercial Queenstown.    martina-im-goldrausch-arrowtown   Martina did make it there and she seemed to have a great time there judging by her blog entry.  In fact - the town in late Autumn has some brilliant yellow autumn colours and that in itself is a reason to visit.  Myself, I have been there 3 x and yet to see the stunning colours. A photographers dream!
Arrowtown is famous for being a old gold mining town - originally in 18-hundred-something and still has original houses from that period.  Once the gold more or less run out - the town got really quiet and now tourism is re-populating the place.  Not sure if Martina saw the Chinese village - there is some interesting history there.  
Anyhow - one can still find the odd nugget - or should that be a teeny-weeny flake in the river, usually AFTER a decent rainstorm has washed the gravel down the river bed.  To be honest - usually it is slim pickings. Still many people hire a pan and shovel and try their luck in the river - spending a relaxing yet unfruitful afternoon amongst the sand-flies in the lure of the yellow stuff!! And who wouldn’t pass up the chance of finding 'THAT' nugget??

Anyhow - I digress.

Her blog sent me an email and I read it and I could not help but notice the fact that a 'woman' was 'diggin for Gold'  eg a "female Gold-digger".

Hihihihi - here that term means a woman who is after a extremely  R I C H  and often very  O L D   male with view to marry him and then inherit most of his fortune after the old fella expired . . . . . preferably on the honeymoon night (something about week heart and sex) ^^
Dunno what it is called in old Austria or Germany. . . .

I think tho, that the older gentleman in NZ can breath a sigh of relief - Martina has with her, her darling little princess Ileana - gorgeous wee girl -  which I am sure would be a real handicap for any future "gold-digging".

I am most jealous - while they are enjoying the experience in beaming sunshine no less (so much for a accurate weather forecast) we are having a lot of rain in Christchurch - which I am sure the Farmers like, but I would prefer some more warm sun!!  On day we will make it there in Autumn!!


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Anonymous said...

:))) Hahahaaa, that's really a good one!!! Didn't know that! But my gold digging in the river can be compared to that saying. :-)) It's very unsuccessful. Though I guess Jens wouldn't mind if I came home with some gold... maybe I just wouldn't tell him, which gold digging option was the successful one! Hahaha!!! :-D

Miles of smiles!
Martina and the gorgeous princess Ileana

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