Friday, April 12, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - Martina and Ileana visit New Zealand and go

Friday, April 12, 2013
oldbearnews editor One of my favorite quotes came true this week --  'Houston - the Eagle has landed / lift off;  or - Houston, we have a problem'.
Anyhow we bundled the tourist off to the bus and set her away on a wing and prayer for a teeny-weeny Tiki-tour (around the bottom half of the South Island) and after a pit stop in Dunedin and Invercargill - they should - all things being equal - have arrived at the world famous, totally stunning,  incredible scenic - and
somewhat moist Milford Sound.  Milford Sound is some 2-3 hours by car west from Te Anau and is by all accounts one of the wettest regions - certainly in New Zealand and also possibly in the world.  The Milford Sound - (which is actually a Fjord) has a permanent layer of Freshwater often beyond 10 meters deep, due to its 'light' annual rainfall. It is such a remote place that there are few 'locals' (as in humans) living there full-time - even though originally it used to be a whaling station and had a flourishing pub. There is even ONE grave there!!  It has a small, water driven (what else could it be), power station that - get this - gets shut OFF from 10pm and comes on early-ish in the morning.  To bad if you are in the middle of cooking or playing a card game.  The other reason for its fame - apart from  the mind blowing scenery - are the actual local inhabitants - Sandfly's.  They are the most common sight there. The end of the famous Milford Track is aptly named Sandfly point - and wo and behold any tramper who missed the boat for pickup and return to the Sound accommodation. These trampers usually get eaten alive.  Anyhow - some of the more mature and exceptinally adult sandfly's have been captured and taxiderm-something-processed and are now adoring the walls at the check-in station in the terminal for the various Milford Sound boat cruises. 

They have a real interesting history / life cycle.  ONLY the Females are blood suckers and only  after they have mated and are ready to lay the eggs (figures- said one male acquaintance) .  Naturally they have a over active fertility cycle and are not shy in getting what they want.

HOWEVER - a MOST closely guarded secret is that the New Zealand Bio-tech security Government Department has made a fantastic breakthrough and was able to genetically modify the Sandflies to the point where they are now pre-dispositioned to suck blood  O N L Y  from some unsuspecting Tourist and leaves the local NZ population very much alone.
Unconfirmed and non-studied rumor has it that  it has something to do with the locals eating a highly prized and very valuable local black cream thing - rumored to be called Marmite. Due to the Marmite plant recently having to be re-built (as it suffered from earthquake damage), there was a gap in local supplies and a 150grm container of Marmite could and was indeed traded for more then several hundred Dollar's and bidding on the local Trade-me website reached fever-pitch.

All this leads me to say - "HOUSTON - we have a problem".

My Cousin should be there today and being of European nature is in grave danger of being sucked dry by half a dozen or so mozzies.  I did manage to get in touch with the Local Sandfly general of the Milford Sound branch, auxiliary group "SAND" (often called Colonel Sand-ers)  and conveyed to him a truce offer - in exchange for her safe passage - I would arrange 3 days of perfect breading weather patterns.  Fingers crossed they are living up to their bargain!

Anyhow - Martina - I tried my best - hopefully you can enjoy the sights and come on home safely.

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Apr 18, 2013 @ 10:16:59
Well the story with the rain is self-inflicted, I am afraid. You made that deal with Major SAND-FLY and promised him good breeding conditions… which means wet weather. But you should tell him, that his mate in Arrowtown was badly informed – FlySkype probably not working correctly – those sandflies were sucking lots of Martinablood and left me with aaaahhhhgrrrr itchy bites. So this bit of information should in turn give you sunshine by tomorrow! ;)

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