Monday, April 8, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - Martina and Ileana visit New Zealand

Monday, April 8, 2013
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Having had some crappy weather and  shall we say a not so encouraging forecast - we are surprised to see the day dawn bright and sunny and promising warmer temperatures.
Drove into town and parked at the Hagley Park Gardens and walked into them - or better through them - towards the new-ish Container Mall.  The gardens suffered a bit of damage from the many shakes we had in the last few years, but in typical Canterbury fashion, just went ahead in fixing what needs fixing! Had lunch at the container mall - some greek fare - which - so Martina (who has lived in Greece for some time) tells me is actually quite good!! 
This is what we like to see - a happy camper about to enjoy a snack of Lunchtime.

The container mall is a response to the Earthquakes and the devastation it caused.  It has become a good outdoor attraction with a mix of shopping and food stalls and creates an atmosphere of hope for a new beginning to Christchurch. 

From there the wish was to head to the Beach - on the East side - on the Pacific.  With all the road closures and almost a weekly change we eventually got there - having done a wee De-tour.  The surf was up and there were a few good surfers.  This chap did rather well.  Martina very very tempted to go to the local wet-suit / surfboard hire and go and try out the surf.  Certainly her partner would be out there.  Instead we tried the pier - but that did not work out as expected as the little sprog was rather intent on chasing the local sea-gulls. This seems to be a past time of all small children here. Actually Ileana is not far away from walking unaided - so our feathered friends had better watch out!!

Eventually the temptation got the better of our Austrian visitor (and especially once she realized we keep two towels in the car for my own son who used to somehow a  l w a y s   get wet if there was any water to be played in/with nearby).  I was tasked with making sure we have a visual proof of the event.  I was glad for my camera - with the long lens and almost felt like being a paparazzi in training.
The swim in the sea did not last long with the water being refreshingly COLD-ISH (probably below 16 degrees) and giving goosebumps.  However the delightful experience  made up for it. 
Soon it was time to go back home again and get dinner going and prepping for the next days bus trip south.

Hmmmm you can follow her journey here :) ----->   mamartinablog

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