Sunday, April 7, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - Martina and Ileana visit

Sunday, April 7, 2013
oldbearnews editor
Ahhhhh  Sunday -  day of rest and reflection - or re-creation for some.
We were determined to get away early - which meant aiming for a 10am leaving town.  Inbetween we had a quick lesson in how to pitch a tent.  Roger would be impressed!! A tent without any ropes!!
<---  See I can pitch a tent too!!

Quick stop for petrol and we drove of towards Arthur's Pass.  First stop - the town of Sheffield - for lunch actually.
They have this pie shop there which is rather good - in taste and flavor.  So we just had to introduce our Guests to some good old fashioned kiwi cuisine.
The Moroccan lamb pie and also the Chicken and Camembert pie were just delicious.  Even Ileana enjoyed some of them.In anticipation of extra calories being burnt the 2 Kiwis also had a Moro-bar - cheesecake sweet desert.

Onwards towards the Pass - and surprise surprise - we hit a RED LIGHT. Yes that's right.  As previously blogged - there is only ONE set of lights on the Westcoast - in Buller George. Now there is another one - but pleased to report - this one is only temporary. The roading works are widening a bridge - and to control the flow of cars across the work-site . . . . .    PHEWWW.  Thank God for that. A bit sad really - while I am sure the drivers will appreciate the safety factor of things - I shall miss the unique character of the coast and the ONE lane bridges.  Martina commenting on the snow topped Mountains on the side - yes - surely we are close to winter.

Next Stop - Arthur's pass for a afternoon snack and loo stop and also for a spot of car polish ( it really needs a clean) then of and up to the Devils Punchbowl Falls.  Myself carried Ileana up and Mamabear not being far behind - coping with the steep rise better then last time! As usual the view is grand.
From there we went to the lookout point just past the actual Pass and explained the previous treacherous route that existed before the viaduct was  built and which makes the journey across to the Coast much more safer, and also opened up the tourism market as well making delivery of goods and services to the coast easier and cheaper. The look out point  is a popular gathering point for the local Kea gang. Their 'job' being the task of being equally amusing and annoying to the unsuspecting Tourist.  These birds are highly intelligent, understand the value of teamwork and can puzzle solve the most demanding tasks and learn by watching each other trying things - then apply the learned knowledge and improve on that.  Their skill in dismantling rubber from cars is second to none and they have been known to flatten tires.  And that is before we introduce rubbish tins where they might find food scraps.  The Kea also has a great color under the wings - ostensibly for a warning of danger, but you would need to see them flying to see the color.  On chasing one kea of my roof - he decided to leave a calling card! Nice job!! Now I Have to wash the car . . .    ^^  From there it was back home and dinner and more chin wagging along with a drink.                                 

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