Friday, January 11, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland

Friday, January 11, 2013
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A long time ago in the dark-ages, a intrepid traveller landed on our shores and was in need of some TLC and well - other things.  He stayed with us in Christchurch for a year - 6 month of which we had the pleasure of housing him eg. he flatted with us.  Just prior to him coming here his Nephew Moritz was born - so we saw everything through his eyes.  Said nephew is a fine young man now and is also touring the world - along with is cousin - who both managed to be in the same time and space in New Zealand, and thanks to the "encouragement" of their Uncle they dropped by, for a couple of days.  First day was a "Moritz" day - activities of his choosing.
I had to be at work in the morning - but Mamabear had the day of and so first up they went to the Antarctic Center where they enjoyed the penguins and chill room and all other stuff relating to the Ice.  Christchurch is the staging post for many nations to fly down to the Antartic and do whatever study or research they do there.  The Center acts as  tourist attraction along with an educational aspect.  Seems Sara got boosebumps once she experienced the windchill factor room (minus 20 degrees). From there they picked me up from work and we headed into town for a light lunch.  The first place of choice was closed due to earthquake risk - so trundeled along or through Hagley Park to the Antigua boatsheds - where a really good and late lunch had been enjoyed in the sunshine.  From there it was back to the car via the rosegarden section of our Botanical Gardens and we did a 'let's see Wilfrieds old haunts tour' !! So we stopped at old Wesley - which has since been sold to a developer and changed shape a little bit (the original houses are still there though) to take a photo and sold a story or two.  From there to the place we used to live in Suva street.  Must have looked weird standing outside on the road and taking a picture.  Place had at one time burned on the inside but the mainstructure was still there - since then the owner added more room's on top of the house!! After this we headed to Brighton Beach - which was very windy with a chilly easterly - almost southerly coming of the sea.  Lots of white caps. The really weird thing was that the tide was up - and we have NEVER seen so little space between the dunes and the sea. Also there was a lot of debris lying round from the stuff that got washed out to sea from the swollen rivers - which came about the norwestcoast rains falling in the Alps. There was a news story of a "Wall of Water' coming down the Waimakiriri river - but nothing was ever shown on any news later in the day.  Suffice to say - when it rains in the Alps the river-water levels can raise by 1-3 meters in the space of half an hour. Anyhow I was talking to the life guard on return walk and mentioned the tide and his take was that it now regularly comes up right up to the dunes, and his view was, that it had something to do with the recent earthquakes.  Seemed silly - until we remembered that the land around Brighton and eastern suburbs have reportedly dropped 50cm - 1 meter, which would explain the higher then normal tide leves.  Hmmmmmm
From there we went around the ring route and up the Port Hills to the House of Takehe. Also closed due to earthquake risk. Seems during driving round town we mentioned the Shakes quite a bit.  Still we got a good view of the town and the outlaying 'Burbs. Back down the hill and a stopover at Fairhaven (another obligatory photo and story told) and it was time for home and a chinwag.  After some thoughts and discussion it was decided to go to Kaikoura tomorrow. Inbetween that we had a Pavlova for Dessert - and we hear that a certain more maturer Austrian is a expert Pav-maker.  We are looking forward to tasting one of his creations next time he visits us!! (no pressure)

The Tide was still coming in and had another 3-4 meters to go.

So if we row a boat in THAT direction - we would - urm eventually hit Chile?? Yup!!

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anticuus ursus said...

From an email comment - thought I post it here as well
-----> Hi Reinhold,

That's a great Gandalf and hobbit pic below. (not that i am calling Pam and Sara hobbits mind you). Sounds like you enjoyed having them , as we did down here.

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