Friday, December 21, 2012

Short hop up to Arthurs Pass

Friday, December 21, 2012
oldbearnews editorWe decided (pretty much on the spur of a moment) to take a 300km round trip up to Arthurs pass! The travel takes you up and over the Porters Pass - bit of a climb (for NZ anyhow)  and you then travel along the scenic plateau where part of the Lord of the Rings was filmed and are many other notable sights to be seeing or explored!  One of them is a place called 'Cass'.  Notable claim to fame is that our famous Painter Rita Angus painted the "Railway Station" back in 1936!! Such was the picture that at one stage it featured on NZ Postal Stamps!  Cass of course is nothing more then a place for Railway staff to do some work and I understand that the Canterbury University has a lodge or something rather nearby as well - but other then that there is really nothing else.  You have to get of the main road by 300 meters along a shingle road to see it.  Normally pretty much everyone just whizzes past - totally ignorant of the place - but this time I made a point and stopped and showed mamabear her part of history!  We took some pictures and compared notes with Ritas painting. www.nzhistory-cass-rita-angus  <-- This link will give more of an idea to how and what in her painting.  The trees of course have changed and in the actual painting you cant actually see the railway tracks - but the mountains have not changed much - if anything!  I let you compare.  mamabear snapped a couple of other perspectives - side on so to speak and of course the Lupins!  The place must be having a historic places trust heritage qualification - and is always done up nicely - and maintained! Although in the  full sun - it gets a bit hot and yeah the paint does blister of.  This particular day we had 30 plus and you could feel the heat.  In winter it drops down to below freezing - so yeah!!  I guess the Railways still uses the place - last stop before it winds itself up towards Arthurs Pass and then down the tunnel to Otira and the westcoast.  One day we shall do the full Train journey!! Perhaps in winter when there will be snow!!

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