Friday, October 26, 2012

Joti 2012 in Christchurch

Friday, October 26, 2012
oldbearnews editor
Somehow this fella decided (no doubt on the spur of the moment) to quality taste / proof the local cheese, and seeing we are in good royal company - check out the little pinky!! oh no N o t   the Pinky play!! - to late . . . .

Taking the art of communication to a new level with the new I-nana phone!! Maxwell Smart - eat out your heart!! This version is new and  up-to-date with the latest software, has a direct link to the new I-cloud and best of all is an instant disposable item.  It  comes complete with its own i-cover / wrapper. Not sure though which end is for the hearing . . . . .


I can't remember this setup - but whatever it was - it was nice to get a minibear hug on camp.
The bear was so tired from running round after all his jobs / scouts / guides - he needed a well deserved Bear-nap.  Didn't even undress and just collapses on bed.  Luckily for everyone his snoring was not to bad - bearly audible!!
A midnight snack of garlic bread - especially baked for the crew, rich in garlic and cheese - just needed a good cut - so out comes my handy pocket knife . .   Now do I   TRUST   'Paws'  to handle the knife and not cut herself or the bread - no wait the bread is ok, so urm - let's think - yeah why not.  I can report that no fingers were harmed in this episode!!
I added this - for a good reason.
The youth had the abillity to part-complete their Photography badge - they got given a camera and told to go and snap away - then present back the images.  Amongst the very many that did come back was this picture taken - not sure if it was a set up or a un-delibertly taken shot.  In any case - check out the Eyes - and in particularly the left eye -  I spotted it immediatly!!  Fantastic picture!!!  Congratulations to the youth who took this image!!

The camp eventually drew to a close - we sent the campers home - in the rain - and had to dis-mantle the rest of the gear and drop all the gear in several locations.  The CPU boxes and cables came back to my garage - much to my boy's disgust - and I cabled them in this afternoon - they need a minimum residue power to go through the motherboard or you are in danger of loosing them. As it is they do not like being shifted in the first place.  On box refused to power up until 30 hours plus into the camp!!  So Joti 2012 came to a very succesful end and we are gearing up for next year - 3rd weekend in Oct - so see you round - OR online in Scoutlink.  Wave hello if you spot one of us there

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SuMacann said...

It was such brilliant weather on this camp, at least until Monday! Everyone had a great time, and I was proud to be part of the crew :)

I'm the one looming up behind Papabear in the lunch tent. It wasn't a setup really, I was wandering over and Mat had a camera. He picked it up, so I did the obvious thing...

Anonymous said...

yes the weather was brilliant and I note that I have to be careful around a camera - NORMALLY - I AM behind the camera - not in front :)

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