Thursday, October 25, 2012

Joti 2012 in Christchurch

Thursday, October 25, 2012
oldbearnews editor Setting up yet another year for Joti.  And belief me - somehow the gear weighs more each year!!  Anyhow we managed to squeeze in 47 working stations for this year's Joti Jota event. 
 Cabling up - at some un-earthly hour at night.  Seem to remember while this was happening 2 leaders and 2 scouts went and got the food in, from a local supermarket - urm - around midnight!
Amazingly we managed to get some sleep and the next day dawned in brilliant light and campers arrived and we had the pleasure in investing 2 new slaves - oops CREW - members.  The scarves are treated in the same way as the Gangshow scarves - you ever only get one no matter how many camps you do and keep wearing it from year to year - but new investees get theirs in the year they start volunteering . . . .

After the formal things are done - it is time for some serious chatting - and the scouts and guides are into it.  Places we encounterd were from all over and  "far far away" (not THAT kingdom) - but not from Albania either . . . . .  but there was a connection to Antarctica!!
 Time for a snack - lunch actually.  Feeding 40 campers and 11 campcrew - I think.  Anyhow it was epic, with very little gear to work with.  Apart from that the kids mamaged to snack on all the "healthy" stuff (not) and filled  up one way or the other.
This must have been the next day (Sun) when two unsuspecting lass's volunteered to be slaves - oops camp-crew for next year and wanted to start their training early.  Luckily for them we had two scarves cut - but not yet sewn so they kinda wore them for the rest of the camp - then gave them back.  Hmmmm wonder if it will be my job again to sew them.  Oh and just to be sure - It is I on the left - the old fella himself!!
Dashing / Superb figure / Slimline / Attractive / Responsible /

w a i t    a minute - that's not Papabear we are talking about!!!
He's a different Bear altogether . . . . .  isnt he??!!
So - what can one say here???
No surprise - there is a new NICK-name  for this lass.

Whenceforth and from now on and forever until Scoutlink ceases to exist ( which will happen only if a certain geographic location will freeze over)  this lass will be known as  - wait for it - drumm roll . . . . .


- brilliant - and no surprises there . . . .

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