Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Forgotten World Highway trip addendum

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
oldbearnews editor UHU - I forgot to add - while in Wanganui and dodging the rain in
Pohutakawa flowering in Mid winter
the Museum (which had a notice pinned at the Entrance that due to it having added a building [eg two buildings budding up to each other] it is deemed a earthquake risk and in case of - blah blah blah - Made us feel right at home!!!) I saw this Pohutakawa tree at the car parking entrance and - YES and it had flowers - and this at the end of June IN New Zealand - eg MID_WINTER!! MOST unusual.  I just had to snap a pic otherwise no-one would believe me.  Upon closer inspection it looked like it was in flower almost year round - it had blossoms that obviously had flowered several weeks back and new buds at various stages! No doubt it will show its full colour during spring!

Oddly enough after this experience we saw many more Pohutakawa trees - small ones - as decorative trees (like in the medium strip on the road etc!!) but saw no further red flowers! ^^ 

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