Monday, May 28, 2012

Upstairs downstairs

Monday, May 28, 2012
Downton Abbey Poster
Downton Abbey cast
oldbearnews editor I distinctly remember a british TV program called "Upstairs, downstairs" - it was a tv series that run for several seasons.  Guess the modern version is

Downton Abbey

The Original TV series "upstairs, downstairs' is set in a large townhouse in Edwardian, First World War and Inter-War, Belgravia in London, and the series depicts the lives of the servants "downstairs" and their masters - the family "upstairs".  The series stands as a document of the social and technological changes that occurred between 1903 and 1930. In short all about how the rich and famous live and how their lives interact with the other rich and famous and also with their servants.  Cut a long story short - we sort of had our own up and down.

After a very long time and several earthquakes we decided that we would finish the upstairs bedroom / livingroom / walking wardrobe and bathroom with a preferred choice of flooring.  That neccesitated that everything had to be cleared - and I do mean everything.  The marital bed got shifted to the lounge downstairs and - and, oh yeah, I have this 180 litre fish-tank that needed shifting - no small feat.
sleeping on the floor
Kinda weird having the bed back down here - and hehehe would not be the first time.  All in all I think we slept here 4 x since we had shifted in to our House.  It makes for an intresting evening of watching TV.  Actually - I ALMOST wanted to keep this bed there- watching TV in Bed and just being a couple of steps away from the kitchen - what more could a bloke want??!!
getting ready = floor sanded
The bed frame - yes it is a slate-bed.  It is supposed to be the best way of sleeping.  Eagle eyed folks will notice the running repairs on one of the slats.  This was the only thing I could not shift out - it being to big to store anywhere and way to big to go down the narrow and  a hair riasing 90 degrees left turn down the staircase.  Ah well - no harm done.
Where did I put . . . . . that . . . . .   hmmmm is it in here?
Urm - well - yes  - one does collect quite a bit of stuff.  Luckily for us when the additions where done, we ended up with this bonus store room - very convenient for storing stuff - either temporary and/or permanently!!  Only problem was - erm - see - it was so full you needed a mounteneering expertise to get to any stuff - either that or wait until it see's the daylight again.
There is a whole lot of other stuff that made it into Micky's room - with him being away on a 4 month Army training course.  Very convenient - only to be told he's coming home n sickleave - having busted his knee.  This means that  HE will have to sleep in the garage for a week or two - again not a first for our family.
Vinyl planks laid out for glue-ing to the floor
Meanwhile the flooring guy worked away and here you can see the beginning of something beautiful.  We so love the look of timber and these 7mm Vinyl planks are almost the next best thing, easy to wear and care and almost as warm on the feat. They certainly look the part and you could be forgiven for mistaking this as timber.  
almost there
Progress in the bedroom.  All in all it took him 3 days to lay the planks.  Come to think of it - they still not finished - with the bull nose on the staircase yet to be nailed in - but yeah - I soon can shift the bed back upstairs - and claim my lounge back.  Oh and yeah - we do not need to worry about making any erm - hehehe  inappropiate noises that could carry to the other people living here ^^
Vinyl in the ensuite bathroom
The ensuite - all finished!!  It does look great and Mamabear is impressed!! - I am glad I paid someone to do this - firstly I could not have done a better job (in fact probably a more lousy job) and secondly It would have taken me more then 2 weeks to complete the job!!  This morning we started shifting stuff back upstairs - the bed and other bits and pieces.  Had fun shifing the aqarium - all 180 liters (ok I emptied it as much as I could but even so), and busted my lower back (I am having a 'loose disk' that sometimes goes out of alinenment and causes referred pain).  But yeah - no servants to help. Although son numero uno was of great help - he's got youth and more muscles to his credit!

So now we can live upstairs again in our hideaway. Let the upstairs, downstairs lives re-start and begin.
Hmmm I see they are making a revival with Jean Marsh reprising her role as Rose alongside a new cast in the same Eaton Place household, with the first series aired on 26 December 2010.  Wonder if Mamabear knows . . . . . 

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